Friday letters: second August edition

Dear Weather, Things are not looking good for our planned birthday barbeque at the weekend. Please could you arrange for all the rain to be over by Sunday and a few warm, sunny spells to take its place. The forecast strong winds aren’t looking too good either.

Dear Rail Engineering Works, Have you been conspiring with the weather gods? Choosing this weekend to do major works which affect our local station, and the travel plans of our guests on Sunday, is not impressive!

Dear clueQuest, Spending an hour locked in a room with 4 of your relatives, trying to figure out how to escape, might not sound like a great way to pass the time on a Thursday morning but, quite to the contrary, it was great fun! Solving all sorts of clues and finding codes to unlock padlocks and doors while all the time a monitor counts down your 60 minute time limit was one of the best activities we have done for a long time. It is not for nothing that you are the number one tourist attraction in London, according to Trip Advisor.

Dear Car,  I hope that the expensive work that is being done on you today is going to make you run very much more smoothly!

Dear Christmas merchandise,  In the shops already??  Far toooooo early!

Dear WordPress, I am not impressed that you have changed (again) the page for creating a new post. I had written this post a while ago and have now spent at least half an hour (so far) trying to find out how to publish it.  There is a button which says ‘Publish’ and in the old editor that would have done the trick, but it doesn’t seem to be working for this new system. I am pleased to spot, though, that I can choose to go back to the ‘classic mode’, but I thought I’d give this new system a try first.  Why do you feel you have to change something that was working very well? Change for the sake of change maybe??


weekly photo challenge: texture

“This week, share a texture found in an unexpected place. It could be made of natural materials or with man-made objects.”

What better textures are there than the textures of food, and this display of patisserie was quite unexpected.  I was in Selfridge’s department store in London one morning a few weeks ago,  in one of their cafes,  just looking for somewhere to have a drink before setting off to explore the store – I didn’t expect to see this mouthwatering display.  I was strong, had a stern word with myself, and managed to resist it all – although the thought of going back later in the day did cross my mind!

patisserie display Selfridges


chocolate dome with popping candy

As if the patisserie selection wasn’t tempting enough – there was a ‘build your own ice cream sundae’ section too.

make your own sundae

make your own sundae 2

I didn’t go back in the end, because we decided to go and have lunch somewhere else, but there’s always the next time…  :)

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let’s go (and) fly a kite

Last weekend we were in Shropshire at a music festival (there’s a first for everything!) and on the Sunday there was a kite flying event.  I have never seen such a wonderful collection of kites, so I took a few quick snaps.  The windy weather was perfect for them – the tail end of hurricane Bertha was just arriving.


Snakes, fish, octopus, a white pony with a pink mane and tail, huge kites with streamers.

more kites

Two fish and a scuba diver!

even more kites

You might think that the purple bear kite is just very close to the camera, but it was being flown from the same field as the other kites. It was HUGE!

and another kite

The gecko is even larger than the bear!

And now, because you can’t give a post a title like this and not have a link to Mary Poppins…



weekly photo challenge: zigzag

“For this week’s challenge, share with us your own take on zigging and zagging.”

Here are two photos of two routes we walked (although climbed might actually be a more appropriate word!) on our visit to Santorini.  The first is the path from the harbour at Ammoudi Bay up to the town of Ia, in the north of the island:

zigzag path from Ammoudi

This second one is the road between Kamari and Ancient Thera in the south of the island:

zigzag road from Ancient Thera

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Friday letters – first August edition

Dear August,  Following my recent plea for extra hours in the day, extra days in the week or even an additional month in the summer, I am thrilled that you have decided to offer us an extra weekend!  This month we have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays!  It’s not quite an extra month, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

Dear Slugs and Snails,  I thought I had got you under control by growing things in my garden that you don’t like, but it seems I was wrong.  Now that you have enjoyed/destroyed a few of my plants, please would you move on somewhere else.

Dear Great British Bake Off,  I am really looking forward to you starting again next week.

Dear paperback books,  Stop it! Stop looking so darned enticing.  Your appealing ways mean that saying no, and refusing to buy you, or turning down to the offer from a friend to have a book they are finished with is impossible, so the pile waiting to be read has just increased again.

Dear Memory,  Please will you start working properly.  I know there were several other things I wanted to say, but I can’t remember them!