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Friday letters – the little hat edition

Dear Ikea,  I enjoyed my visit last night, particularly as eating in your restaurant was involved.  Normally meatballs aren’t my thing at all, but I do enjoy yours, with the lignonberry sauce, and chips of course.  After our meal, and a long catch up on news because we hadn’t seen each other for months, my friend and I browsed round the store, and both ended up buying several things we hadn’t realised we needed!

Dear garden,  You are looking a lot better than this time last week because I did go out at the weekend and sweep the leaves off the grass and tidied up the plants.  Of course, almost all the rest of the leaves have fallen off the trees since then, so this weekend will require a repeat performance of the sweeping!

Dear garden birds,  It was nice to see lots of blue tits, and a woodpecker, this week.  Hopefully I’ll see lots more of you next week.

Dear new washing machine,  Why can’t you be more like my old one?  I’ve had you for months now, and I’m still not used to you.

Dear little hats,  Well, that’s you all done with for another year.  There are 226 of you, knitted by me, my daughter and my mum – our largest offering so far.  I’ll be sealing you into the box and sending it off to innocent drinks for their Big Knit campaign as soon as possible, ready for you to go onto the innocent smoothie bottles in February to be sold in aid of AgeUK.

little hats for innocent smoothies

Here’s an innocent video explaining it -

Have a good Friday.


weekly photo challenge: achievement

Ta da!  I have finished the neckwarmer, the first item from the knitting kit I was given for my birthday back in the summer.  It was quite a challenge, getting the hang of using 4 knitting needles to knit it in the round, so I feel quite a sense of achievement to have finished it. fair isle neck warmer There are still two items to go, but I have made a start on the mittens now. knitting pattern Weekly Photo Challenge.


Friday letters – the fireworks edition

Dear Friday,  Well hello, and here we are again.  What a quick week it’s been; this time last week I was at my sister’s house in Perthshire helping with the preparations for, then celebration of, my nephew’s birthday. Now I’m back at home at the end of another busy week.

Dear fireworks,  Much as I like you, I think it is time for you to give it a rest now.  November the 5th is when you are supposed to be used in celebration of the discovery of Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot, but still to be going off almost every evening since the beginning of November (and again last night) is stretching things a bit far I think.

chickenfireworksDear garden,  You are looking a little abandoned, so I must get out to sweep up some leaves and finish off preparations for the winter.  I will try and do some this weekend – if we aren’t blown away by the winds that are supposed to be coming our way, or swept away in the heavy rain that has already arrived.

Dear Christmas TV adverts,  I feel as though I have been ambushed by you, and completely surrounded.  One tv programme I watched earlier this week had supermarket and other stores’ Christmas adverts on in every single break.  I quite enjoy them, but not so many all at once please!  Oh, and I saw the Coca Cola one – does this make it official that Christmas is nearly here? (there are still six weeks to go but I am beginning to feel that it is much nearer than that!)

Dear International Magic and Variety Gala Show,  I’m really looking forward to going to see you tomorrow night.  It was great fun last year, so I am hoping for more of the same this year.

Happy Friday everyone!



Poppies for Remembrance

A few weeks ago I went to see the poppies at the Tower of London.  I thought today would be the most appropriate day to write a post about it.

Our walk from the station to the Tower took us along the bank of the river Thames heading towards Tower Bridge.  Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge and opens about 1000 times a year to let river traffic pass.

Tower Bridge 4

We could see the Tower of London on the opposite bank.

When we arrived at the Tower, this is the sight that met us.



The installation is entitled ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’, and is the inspiration of ceramic artist Paul Cummins.  There are 888,246 individually hand made ceramic poppies ‘planted’ in the moat around the Tower.  Each poppy represents a life lost by a member of the British armed forces during the First World War.

It was an amazing sight; very moving and thought provoking.  We didn’t stay until dusk, but if we had we would have seen the ceremony of the Roll of Honour, when the last post is played and then 180 names are read out – names of people who were killed in the war.

The last poppy is going to be planted today then the original plan was that the whole thing would be dismantled from tomorrow.  However, there has been such a lot of public interest that The Tower of London has decided that some of the installation will remain in place until the end of the month and then will tour the country, allowing more people to see it.   The rest of the poppies will be removed and sent to the hundreds of thousands of members of the public who have bought them in aid of several armed forces charities.

It’s such a shame that the poppies are going to be removed so quickly, but I am really thankful that I was able to get there to see them.


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