I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Which way is up?


Out for a walk in the park yesterday and the reflections of the trees in the smoothly flowing river were particularly good.

Is the sky at the top in this one?


Or this one?


I hope you have a good Saturday whatever you have planned.

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Friday letters – the last August edition

Dear August,  We are nearly at the end already!  That’s hard to believe.

Dear birthday,  Surely it isn’t a whole year since I celebrated my last one?  Another thing that is hard to believe.

Dear weather, Thank you for being kind to us last weekend when we were celebrating two birthdays.  It’s always so much better when the sun shines and you can get outside.

Dear baby goldfinches,  I am so sorry that I didn’t have my camera handy when you were having a splash around in our birdbath.  You were the most bedraggled things I have seen for a long time, but you looked like you were having great fun.

Dear Victoria and Albert Museum,  On Monday I made my first visit, and  I can’t work out why I haven’t been before.  Now I feel I have a lot of time to make up!  I wasn’t prepared for how lovely it is inside, and how interesting the exhibits are. I think you might also win the prize for the coffee shop with the grandest decor.


Happy Friday everyone!


Friday letters – the second Olympics edition

Dear Olympics,  Once again, as happened four years ago, I have found myself watching far more sport in the space of a few days than in the previous four years put together!  I think what I like is that there is such a wide variety of things that I would not normally watch, and it’s nice to get a snapshot of so many different activities.  You were also a great way to spend the evenings with my mum – discussing the finer points of gymnastics, diving, tennis and especially the cycling from the velodrome.

Dear equestrian events,  Shouldn’t the horse also receive a medal?

Dear Andy Murray,  There were a few heart-in-the-mouth moments, but what a fantastic achievement to retain your Olympic gold medal for the men’s singles.

Dear Team GB,  Well done everyone – it’s been an amazing medal haul so far, and I think we might also be very high up in the ‘almost got one’ tables too.

Dear Rio,  It is such a shame that there are so many empty seats at most of the events, especially when I think about how hard it was to get a ticket for anything at the London games.  It was great, however, to see such a big turn-out lining the streets for the Triathlon.

Dear weather,  I’ve really enjoyed the last few days of warm sunshine, and I suppose I should accept that the grass needs the rain that’s arrived now, but it doesn’t need too much, thank you.


Happy Friday everyone!


Weekly photo challenge: Forties Fun

Every year, the small Norfolk town of Sheringham holds a 1940s weekend.  People from far and wide travel in costume to enjoy the atmosphere and immerse themselves in the music, sights, sounds and activities of the time.

Most of the action takes place at the railway station.

The day was great fun.


The next photo, of the dog in the back seat of the car, is one of my favourites of the day.  It looked so serene as its chauffeur drove it around the town.


Weekly Photo Challenge


A blustery afternoon in Largs

My recent visit to my mum’s was marred by mainly dull, damp and dreary weather, but we decided that after 4 days of waiting for better weather, we would just drive to the coast regardless, and if it was too bad when we got there we could just turn round and come back!

So, on Saturday we set off for Largs, on the Clyde coast, our aim to have lunch in our favourite restaurant followed by a walk along the promenade.  The journey was uneventful and the skies were clear enough that we could see the hills in the distance as we journeyed along (the first time we had been able to see them clearly for 5 days!) and all was going well until we approached Largs when a few spots of rain started to fall.  As we queued to get into the promenade-side car park, the rain got heavier and we watched as people hurriedly put up their umbrellas, or fastened their raincoats (a day trip to the seaside in Scotland should always feature at least one of these items), many of them making for their cars.  The result of this was that we didn’t have to wait for as long as we had expected to get through the car park barrier and into a spot close to the restaurant.

Nardini’s is a Largs institution which my mother has visited since she was a young woman when she and friends would take a bus trip to Largs after work in the summer.  She also went to the town on holidays with her family in the late 1920s/early 1930s so it was a trip down memory lane.

We were lucky and were shown to a seat straight away – in the section of the cafe nearest to the grand piano, where a pianist was playing for our entertainment.

We had a quick look at the menu, although it was just a formality really. There was no question about what we were going to eat – fish and chips in Nardini’s is the thing to have!  We had a regular portion each – I have no idea how anyone could manage a large one!  To follow we had ice cream – which is what Nardini’s was originally known for, and it would be all wrong to go there and not have one!  I had two scoops with a topping of tablet, and my mum had a child size knickerbocker glory (with a randomly chosen German flag!).  Everything was delicious.

Meanwhile, the rain had eased and the view from the rain spattered window showed promise of brighter things to come.

view from Nardini's

In the better weather there would be tables and chairs out here, but not today.

The only way in and out of the cafe is through the ice cream parlour.   Having just had my delicious ice cream, I admired all the different flavours but wasn’t tempted (at that point – who’s to say I wouldn’t have managed some later!).

Once back outside we set off across the road towards the promenade and our walk along to the life boat station.  There were a few people doing the same thing – determined not to let the weather put them off.  In this part of the world if you wait for good weather, you might never do anything!

Largs prom

Largs prom

We had a quick look in the shop attached to the lifeboat station then made our way back towards the pier, where the ferry from Millport had just offloaded its vehicles and passengers.

We found an unoccupied bench (which wasn’t hard really as there were plenty of them and not too many people looking for a seat) and sat a while with our hoods up and collars held tight to our necks to keep the wind out and watched the activity around the pier, the ferry comings and goings and the few hardy people who were out with their dogs on the beach.

Even the seagull’s feathers were getting a bit ruffled.

P1010575 (640x480)

Feeling refreshed by the bracing breeze we headed back to the shelter of the car, and made our way home, but not before I noticed that the continuous onshore breeze had obviously been having quite an effect on the flags on top of Nardini’s!


It’s a very short walk, but I am linking it with Jo’s Monday Walk.  Meander on over there and see where other people have been walking.


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