I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Friday letters – the halfway through November already edition

Dear self,  You need to learn the difference between a small bottle of moisturising shower cream, and a small bottle of moisturising body cream, or at least wear your glasses when you are picking up what you think is the latter but was actually the former.  Moisturising shower cream doesn’t soak into the skin quite as well as body lotion and leaves a sort of sticky residue.

Dear little cricket, The mystery was solved, finally, when we tracked you down and discovered you resting on the back of one of the pictures on the wall. We could hear little chirping sounds every now and then which seemed to be moving round the room – we began to think we were going mad! I hope you will be much happier now that we have put you outside.

Dear car dealership,  I’d just like to say thank you for your wonderful service yesterday.  My car was in for a recall but not only did you replace the part that might have caused a problem, but I had an oil change and routine maintenance package performed free of charge, and you washed the car.  Another bonus was the shuttle car that took me back home while the car was being worked on and then collected me again when the car was ready a few hours later, and it wasn’t just any old shuttle car, but one with a selection of sweets and chocolates for the passengers to enjoy.

Dear local radio station, I put you on on Monday afternoon to discover that you have transformed yourself into a Christmas radio station and are playing nothing but festive songs.  I have to say that I immediately turned you off because …  it’s only the middle of NovemberHowever, on Tuesday I relented and, rather than try to tune into a different station, decided to go with the flow.  It pains me to admit this, but I am actually enjoying the selection of music. 

Dear Kellogg’s,  I am unsure whether this cereal, which I spotted this week in the supermarket, is for human consumption or is aimed at the sparkly, rainbow-maned unicorns themselves.  My unicorns are, of course, the normal non-sparkly white ones with golden manes so they will continue to eat grass and hay as normal…

Have a good Friday.



Friday letters – the ‘is it autumn?’ edition

Dear Aqua Fit class teacher,  You must think we all ate an awful lot of Hallowe’en goodies – you are still working us very hard!

Dear local library,  I called in earlier this week to return the book I borrowed.  Why do you have a second hand book shop right by the entrance?  All the good I am doing by using the library rather than adding to the books on my bookshelves is being undone!  That’s another three books added to my collection now…

Dear lunch time,  I just can’t get used to lunch meetings starting at 11.30 a.m., and then yesterday I had an invitiation to one that starts at 11 a.m.  I am going to have to start getting up a lot earlier in the morning if I am going to feel that 11 a.m. is lunch time!

Dear darker evenings,  I don’t really like it getting dark so early now, but I must say I am enjoying having lighter mornings again now that the clocks have gone back.

Dear sunset,  This week you haven’t reached the heady heights of last week’s magnificent display. Please see what you can do in the coming days.  Thank you very much in anticipation.

Dear autumn,  It’s November and it’s hard to decide if you have arrived or not.  Palm trees and pine trees, of which there are a lot around here, aren’t really much help.  I did notice some trees this week which seem to be covered in dead leaves without having gone through any kind of gradual colour change.  They just seem to have gone from green to crisp and brown and are starting to fall off.  The majority of the other trees are still green, so maybe they are not deciduous at all, which is what I assumed.

Have a good Friday.


Friday letters – the edition after Hallowe’en

Dear California sunshine,  Three cheers for you!

Dear Aqua Fit class teacher,  Thank you for working us hard yesterday – apparently you had the idea that some of the group might have eaten a bit too much chocolate the night before.  Not me, of course…  😉

Dear book club book,  I nearly gave up with you because I was getting a bit bogged down with all the information in the early chapters that was necessary for us to have in order to understand the actions of the characters later on, but I’m glad I kept going because it turned into a good story.

Dear local supermarket, Yesterday morning the display of pumpkins outside was still the same as it was on Wednesday, though slightly depleted, but going inside was like walking into a different place…  Gone were the shelves and display stands of Hallowe’en goodies.  Gone was the usual ‘supermarket smell’ of fresh fruit and veg near the entrance.  Overnight they had been replaced by Christmas items and the air had a definite scent of cinammon and festive cheer.  Your staff must have been at work from very early on to have achieved such a change and were also still working as I tried to navigate past the end of the festive section.  It was a hive of industry and I overheard them discussing what time they should arrive the next morning – four a.m. perhaps or would 5 a.m. be early enough?  I was amazed at how quickly it was all happening – clearly there wasn’t a moment to lose in the battle to part us from our cash before Christmas.

Dear self,  Remember that the clocks here in America go back this weekend.


Have a good Friday.