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Bench Series: March – a wooden alligator bench

alligator bench

An alligator bench for us to rest on while we waited to take a boat on the Honey Island Swamp in Louisiana, USA.

This post is linking up with Heyjude’s Bench Series - for March the subject is wooden benches.


Friday letters – the final February edition

Dear M74, M6 and M1 motorways,  Thank you for being trouble free on Wednesday and allowing me to have what was possibly my quickest journey home from Scotland.  Shame about the rain for the first part of it, but I suppose I can’t have everything.

Dear daffodils,  You seem to be struggling a bit this year in the flower tubs – come on, get a move on – I’m eagerly looking forward to you blooming.

Dear work,  We are half way through the school year already – how did that happen?  There is still so much to cover in the rest of the year – I don’t know if we are going to manage it!  Having the school roof, windows and heating replaced at the same time isn’t helping to keep concentration levels at their highest.

Dear sunshine,  It really is leaving it a bit late to decide to try and shine as dusk is arriving.  We could have done with you being in evidence earlier in the day!

Dear Jigsaw,  At last, you are complete!  Ta da!  Now that you are finished I can look back and think it was worth the challenge, but while you were under construction I wasn’t always very positive.


Have a good Friday.


Bicycles in New Orleans

Using a bicycle is a popular way to get around in New Orleans, especially in the French Quarter, and along by the river.  Everywhere we looked there were bicycles propped up against railings …

bike 1Bus stops …

bike 2Street names signs …

bike 3

bike 4Usually the bikes were parked individually, but occasionally they had a friend for company…

bike 5We saw them parked on the river side, near to the paddle steamer …

bike 6One was even waiting while its owner was in the Casino …

bike 7The bikes tended to be on the plain side, but this one’s owner had tried to add a bit of decoration …

bike 8… in the shape of a rather random selection of flowers and creatures.

bike 9


bright blue


The Scottish weather must have read my letter yesterday complaining that it wasn’t matching the beautiful countryside, and this morning we have blue skies, sunshine, frost and a light dusting of snow on the tops of the hills.

Hope you have a good Saturday.

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