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Friday letters – the California edition

Dear San Francisco, I wish we had had longer, because there is so much more to see and do than we managed in two days.  

Dear legs, I am pleased that you did not let me down as we cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge. Thankfully we got the ferry back again because I think a return journey by bike might have been too much.

Dear electric bikes, What a marvellous invention you are!

Dear elephant seals, It was amazing to see so many of you on the beach – from old males to new born pups.  It was like watching a wildlife documentary and I kept expecting David Attenborough to appear and provide some commentary.

Dear William Randolph Hearst, You have a magnificent house and the view is fantastic.

Happy Friday everyone!


January: winter gardens

From mid November until mid January the gardens at Longleat House in Wiltshire were hosting a wonderful Festival of Light, featuring over 23,000 Chinese lanterns.  I used to think a Chinese lantern was a smallish collapsible paper lampshade with a light inside, or maybe something like these ones which were hanging from many of the trees …

red Chinese lanterns in tree

However, as darkness fell it became clear that Chinese lanterns come in many forms.

Flora …

Birds and animals…

Ocean scenes…

There were scenes from Chinese culture and mythology too, but they will have to wait for another day.

I’m linking this post with Jude’s monthly Garden Photo Challenge at the earth laughs in flowers .







Friday letters – the snowflake edition

Dear birds,  As always it is nice to see such a great selection of you in the garden.

Dear little camera,  I really must buy you a new case before this one falls apart completely.

Dear road workmen,  I don’t suppose it’s very often that people write and praise you when you disrupt their travel and block their pavements, but I have to say that you have not been as intrusive and problematic as I thought you would be while you replaced the water pipes.  For the last two weeks as you have been working in our road it has been a bit chaotic, but you happily moved barriers out of the way, directed cars out of driveways with a smile, worked quickly and efficiently and got the work finished in record time.

Dear Snoopy page-a-day calendar,  You are one of the best Christmas presents I received, and I can start every day with a smile.

Dear snow,  It was very exciting to wake up on Sunday morning and find that a covering of snow had fallen overnight.  You didn’t last long (one day), nor were you very deep (about 1 cm I think!) but at least we managed a snowy walk (or squelchy walk to be more accurate because the ground was so wet from all the rain we have been having recently!) along by the canal before you melted away.


Happy Friday everyone!


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