I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Scene is set for the celebration – March Squares #17

Circular tables on a magnificent square tiled floor in The Great Hall of The Queen’s House, Greenwich.

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Friday letters – the square photo #16 edition

Dear finger nails,  There must be something I am doing wrong when I file you because some of you have gone back to splitting and flaking, having been strong and trouble-free for quite a few weeks.  You were getting a bit long, so I decided to get the emery board out and shorten you a little and now… sigh.  I wish I understood you.  Maybe it is all the unwrapping of items wrapped in paper that’s doing it.

Dear wrapped up kitchen items,  It’s been like unwrapping presents on my birthday, or at Christmas.  As I’m undoing all the careful paper wrapping, I’m wondering what could possibly be contained within.  Sometimes it’s been a nice surprise as I had forgotten some of the things.  Finding a tin of mandarin oranges and all my jars of herbs and spices has been particularly exciting.

Dear tinned mandarin oranges,  I am looking forward to eating you – you are a lovely reminder of childhood, when tinned mandarins were a great treat.

Dear pile of books waiting to be read,  I do believe that your numbers are reducing!  I have been reading a fair bit, and haven’t bought a new book for a while.  Being strong in the face of tempting displays in bookshops seems to have helped.

Dear Barcelona hot chocolate cafe,  Coming across this photo of your tiled floor when looking for contributions for Becky’s square photo challenge, made me long for a cup of your rich hot chocolate, accompanied by churros of course.  I remember when we visited, there were two elderly ladies sitting at a table nearby enjoying hot chocolate and cake and putting the world to rights.  I thought that looked like an ideal way to spend an afternoon with a friend.

Floor detail in Granja M. Viader, Barcelona


March Squares #14

Hypocaust tiles at the Roman Baths, Bath.

The Romans very cleverly created under floor heating by supporting a floor on piles of square tiles.  Fires were then lit at the sides of this space and the warm air flowed around the tiles and heated the flooring above.

Posted as part of Becky’s March Square.


March Squares #12

This reminds me a bit of one of those puzzles that asks ‘How many squares can you see in this picture?’.  I make it seventeen squares (two of them are not perfect though, so maybe I shouldn’t count them!) in a square photo.

Detail from a tiled path at Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California.

Posted as part of Becky’s March Square.