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long weekend


We’ve got a holiday on Monday, so it’s a three day weekend.  I think three day weekends should be the norm – four days working, and three days off. That would be good!

snoopychocchipcookieHope you have a good Saturday.

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Friday letters – the May Day edition

Dear roofing contractors,  Thank you for doing such a great job re-roofing our garage, demolishing the shed and doing some other tiling jobs on the front of the house.  The results look very good, and I couldn’t fault your work rate.  I will have to go out and buy more coffee and sugar though!

Dear cherry blossom,  Despite the recent rain and windy weather you are still hanging in there which is lovely.

Dear housework,  Why is that when I have dusted and vacuumed, it needs to be done again so soon?

Dear local park,  I like you best when you are empty.  I know it’s great that lots of people want to come and use you, but they clutter the place up – it looks so much better when it’s just me there.

Dear weeping willow tree,  I am very sad to see that you are damaged.  You were magnificent last year, your branches drooping down into the river, but something catastrophic seems to have happened and I don’t think you will ever be the same again.

This is the tree last April –
April weeping willowAnd this is it early one morning last week.  It looks like the tallest part of the trunk has broken off.  Such a shame.
damaged weeping willow

Have a good Friday everyone.


weekly photo challenge: motion

This week the subject is motion and the Red Arrows show us motion in the extreme!  Last summer, when I was in Fowey in Cornwall,  I saw one of their displays, which centred over the harbour and river estuary.  The display was stunning, but unfortunately it was a quite a dull afternoon, and the light was very poor.  Some of my photos were pictures of clouds – the jets having passed over before I had depressed the shutter button on my camera!

The first two photos amuse me because the seagulls are in there too, putting on a display of their own.  I thought the jets would have frightened them off.

red arrows and gulls display

5 red arrowsIn this third picture you can see just how low the planes were over the water.  We had a marvellous vantage point and sometimes I felt as though they were flying straight at me.red arrows over Fowey estuary

Weekly Photo Challenge




Bench Series: April – a bench with a view #2

With stunning views over the Firth of Clyde, there are plenty of benches along the seafront in Largs and on a warmer and less windy day they would probably be full up!

benches on the seafront at Largs

benches on the seafront at Largs

This post is linking up with Heyjude’s Bench Series – for April the subject is benches with a view.


Friday letters – the Saturday edition



Dear robin,  I am so sorry that we had to dismantle your partially built nest on Wednesday.  When I saw you fly into the hole in the door of the shed, carrying a twig in your mouth, I had mixed feelings.  I was very excited at the thought of having robins nesting so near to the house, but I was disappointed because the shed is being demolished next week.  I cleared your carefully arranged pile of twigs and leaves and we blocked up the hole in the door.  On Thursday, when we were clearing the shed, you took the opportunity to fly in through the open door, twig in beak, to begin the building again.  You looked a little downhearted when I met you in the shed and explained the situation.  I hope you find somewhere else suitable.  I’m happy to see that you were in the garden this morning looking for more nesting materials so I think perhaps you haven’t held the shed eviction against me.

Dear garden shed,  I won’t really be sorry to see you go – you have been a bit of an eyesore in the garden for years.  I’m looking forward to getting a new one which will be cobweb free (at least for a little while) and watertight.

Dear goldfinches,  Where have you been?  I was very excited to see you back at the bird feeder this week, and looking around in the garden for nesting materials.

Dear tree blossom,  You are looking more splendid this year than I can remember for many years.  I have heard it is down to lack of rain, wind and frost but, whatever it is, the results are spectacular. Everywhere I go I see beautiful blossom – I hope the rain and the wind stay away for a bit longer.

white blossom

This white blossom caught my eye as I was going to work this week.


Hope you have a good Saturday.

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weekly photo challenge: early bird

This week’s challenge was to take a photo early in the morning, so I did something this morning that I haven’t done in a long time – went for an early (very) morning walk in the park.

The first thing I spotted was an early bird!

early morning heron

There were boats moored on the canal, the early morning mist on the water blending almost seemlessly with the smoke from a woodburning stove.

narrow boats on the canal

early morning narrow boats

early morning boats

lock and bridge

Weekly Photo Challenge




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