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Friday letters – the final May edition

Dear colouring book, It is very tempting to spend many hours with you – if only I had the time.

Dear road marking people,   Well, you seemed to see sense and decide that last weekend would not have been a good time to repaint the lines.  Monday was much more practical.

Dear woodpecker, It was such a shame I didn’t have my camera immediately to hand yesterday when I spotted you drinking out of the bird bath. I know you need to have a drink like any other bird, but you just seemed quite out of place somehow.  Perhaps it was because you were standing on a flat surface rather than holding on to a tree trunk, or bird feeder.  It was also nice to see something other than a big fat wood pigeon perching there for a change.

Dear Bank Holiday weekend, Already? It doesn’t seem long since we last had a long weekend.  Not that I am complaining about the day off,  but this year is flying by!

Dear French Air Traffic Controllers,  I know you do it at the most inconvenient times because it has the most impact that way, but I am really hoping that you do not affect my travel plans for this weekend.  A long weekend in the mountains of the French Alps is what I am looking forward to, not a prolonged wait inside an airport.


Happy Friday everyone!




female mandarin and ducklings

I saw this female mandarin duck with her fourteen ducklings on the canal last weekend.  Fourteen!  I don’t think I have ever seen such a large family.

I didn’t see the male duck this time, but this is a photo from last year.

male mandarin duck

I hope you have a good weekend.

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Friday letters – the halfway through May already edition

Dear squirrels, You are being very persistent lately and I am not happy that I have lost some of my spring bulbs – I hope you enjoyed eating them.  I also hope that the wire netting I have put round my flower pots will keep you off and stop you feasting on what is left.

Dear road marking people,   Good luck at the weekend trying to paint the lines back onto the road after its recent resurfacing when it is possibly the busiest time of the week.  Monday to Friday would have been much more sensible as there are not quite so many cars going up and down, or parked.  The shapes that the yellow lines make might be interesting as they are painted around the parked cars.

Dear days, Please could we have more than the regulation 24 hours for the next little while?  I have quite a lot to get done and there doesn’t seem to be enough time.

Dear lottery win, I’m waiting…  My list of places to visit (near and far) is getting longer by the week, and a nice windfall would really help things along.

Dear cherry blossom,  It’s always so sad when your petals end up on the pavement like pink snow – they look much better on the trees.

Happy Friday everyone!


cake and songs



I wrote a post just over three years ago about making a lemon drizzle cake.  Despite all the amusing/insightful/fabulous/life enhancing posts I have written since then it is ALWAYS the most popular post of the week.  In the early years of blogging I used to look at my stats quite regularly to see the search terms that brought readers to the blog (until Google put a stop to that and therefore robbed many of us of a laugh) but I don’t bother now apart from the fact that the first page of the dashboard (where I go to get started on writing/publishing a post) always shows a quick overview of stats including the most popular posts of the last week.  Mary Berry and her lemon drizzle cake have been in the top spot for months and months and months – obviously lemon drizzle cake is not just one of my favourite cakes!

What is your favourite cake?

I’m looking forward to the Eurovision Song Contest tonight.  In the interest of time-saving (and recycling, which we are always encouraged to do!) here is a post I wrote about it two years ago.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

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