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Friday letters

Dear shopkeepers, It is the 9th of October and yesterday I went to a card shop (actually I ended up looking in three before I found just what I was looking for) to buy two ‘New Baby’ cards.  It was hard to locate them amongst all the Christmas cards.  It’s ridiculous!  Next week you will probably start playing festive music.  It is OCTOBER!!

Dear new babies,  It is always good to hear of your safe arrival, all healthy and well.

Dear school,  It was nice to see so much of you this week, and teach some interesting lessons, although I did feel sorry for the permanent members of staff who, in their sixth week of the new term, were looking quite stressed already.

Dear weatherWhat is this wet stuff that has been falling from the sky recently?  Three days of it at the beginning of the week is quite enough thank you, so can we please get back to dry days and sunshine so that I can get on with working in the garden, and wearing shoes which prefer dry days to wet ones.

Dear laundry,  I have said this before, but I feel the need to say it again – why is there always so much of you?  Do you breed in the basket??

Dear Savage Chickens,  It’s been a while…

chickenoldtechHappy Friday!


Bench Series: October – people or things on benches

For the month of October, Jude at Travel Words has asked us to share benches which have people or things on them.

We’re back in New Orleans again, at the Sculpture Garden in City Park.

Three figures and four benches

view of Three Figures and Four Benches Three Figures and Four Benches, by George Segal (1924 – 2000)
Three Figures and Four Benches is an excellent example of Segal’s work as three figures are posed in an ordinary situation as if frozen in time.  The three figures, intentionally rough and unfinished, sit near each other but do not communicate with one another.  All three figures stare off into space wrapped up in their own thoughts.  the viewer is forced to contemplate their relationship to each other and with their own environment.  (Information from the Sculpture Garden manual at http://www.noma.org)

This post is linking up with Heyjude’s Bench Series.


more rugby


Tomorrow we are travelling to the Olympic Park in London to see Ireland v Italy.  We didn’t manage to get tickets for the London Olympics in 2012, so I am looking forward to visiting the Park for the first time.

We will be supporting Ireland, in honour of Mr Decisive’s side of the family. Come on Ireland!ireland rugby

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Friday letters – the first October edition

Dear weather,  I’m enjoying this late burst of warmth and sunshine.

Dear rugby,  It was a good visit to Leeds on Sunday in the late summer/early autumn sunshine to see a match with a great result for Scotland.  I was wearing my Scotland shirt and had my Scottish flag with me, ready to wave every time we scored some points.  I was quietly confident that Scotland were going to do well, because they had won their previous match handsomely, however as the first half of the match unfolded it was clear that either the USA had been practising hard, or Scotland had forgotten how to play!  At half time I decided to put the flag away into my pocket partly in protest and partly because it didn’t look as though I was going to have much need of it.  But… Scotland must have had a severe talking to in the changing room at half time because they played like a different team in the second half and the flag came back out of my pocket many times as they piled on the points.  Of course I was totally biased but I thought it was a fantastic game in the end despite the poor start.

Dear London,  You looked magnificent in the sunshine on Wednesday as I walked around doing some sightseeing with two colleagues of Mr Decisive’s who are visiting from the USA.  We saw Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, St James’s Park (where we stopped for a drink in the cafe by the lake) and Buckingham Palace before making our way through Green Park to Piccadilly, Regent Street and then on to Covent Garden for dinner.  Although I have lived near you for nearly 30 years now, and have visited many times, that was the first time I have stood right beside the railings of Buckingham Palace and looked in.

Buckingham Palace

It’s not clear in the photo, but the Union Flag was flying on the flag pole on top of the palace, which meant that the Queen was not in residence. If she had been there, her Royal Standard would have been flying.

Detail on gates of Buckingham Palace

Detail on the gates of Buckingham Palace

Dear Fortnum and Mason,  It’s nice to see that you are embracing autumn in your store and not going straight from summer to Christmas as most of the other shops around here seem to be doing .  I took my sightseeing visitors in on Wednesday and we admired your beautiful autumn displays (in addition to your high quality, beautifully packaged, expensive goods).

Fortnum and Mason autumn display

Happy Friday everyone!


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