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a three day weekend


This weekend is our Spring Bank Holiday weekend.  We are very lucky here to have a public holiday on the first Monday in May, and the last.  According to timeanddate.com – “The spring bank holiday started as the Monday after Pentecost. This is known as Whitsun or Whit Monday in the United Kingdom. The Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971, moved this bank holiday to the last Monday in May, following a trail period of this arrangement from 1965 to 1970.”

Here’s a Snoopy smile –


Hope you have a good Saturday.

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Friday letters

Dear rain soaked people of Britain, I would like to apologise for the heavy rain we had at the beginning of the week.  I had put some new plants in the garden at the weekend and hoped that a little rain would help to establish them.  I hadn’t expected quite so much of it!  Sorry.

Dear phone user on the train,  If you weren’t quite so annoying it might have been amusing.  Ten minutes out of Euston and you were still nattering on and on and on and on, without pause for breath.  Then we came to a tunnel.  Hello?  Hello?  Hello?  Contact was lost and not re-established.  I imagine the person on the other end of the call used the break to escape and rest their poor ears!

Dear Garden Centre,  I think I will be coming to visit you again this weekend – the few plants I bought last weekend look very lonely and aren’t filling the spaces as fully as I had thought they would have done.

Dear schoolboy cyclist,  You looked a bit precarious on your bike, with your mobile phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  That was seemed tricky enough, but you were texting!  I really don’t know how you  managed to stay on your bike.

Dear fox,  What were you looking for in my garden the other day?  Could it have been the McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich box that I had found earlier?

Here is Mr Fox – a little blurred because the photos were taken through a window, with a zoom lens.fox

fox 2Hope you have a good Friday.


weekly photo challenge: enveloped

In the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, I had these delicious, warm beignets (deep fried doughnut-like pastries), enveloped in icing sugar.  I might have been there more than once… One thing I learned after my first visit was that wearing dark clothing when eating beignets is not a good idea!


Weekly Photo Challenge


looking for bluebells

Today’s walk is in Whippendell Wood in Hertfordshire.  It is an ancient woodland, meaning it has been continuously wooded since at least 1600, and has an avenue of lime trees which dates back to 1672 when it was part of a large country estate and was used to provide timber, firewood and game hunting.  It is also a site of Special Scientific Interest due to its semi-natural vegetation, the rich variety of fungi and the invertebrate fauna.

So that’s the background, let’s get on with the walk.

Some woodland management seems to have been going on.  Normally fallen trees are left to rot in situ, but it looks like an area has been cleared for some reason.

pile of logs

It’s not long before I have my first sight of drifts of beautiful bluebells

bluebell wood

Whippendell Wood 1

The path ahead takes me down a slope between the trees, the sunlight filtering through the leaves

Whippendell Wood 2

Whippendell Wood 3

After going down, now I need to go up

sleeper steps

more bluebells

I’m not sure what this structure is for, but there are a few here and there in the woods

stick teepee

drifting bluebells

 Now my walk has come full cirle and I can see the piles of logs in the distance
log pile
I hope you enjoyed our walk through the woods.
I’m linking this with Jo’s Monday Walk so, if you have the energy and feel up to it,  you could go over to her blog and enjoy another walk.


a day for the garden


Today has dawned dry and bright (fingers crossed it stays that way) so I feel enthused to get into the garden and do some much needed work in it.  First I think I little trip to the garden centre is on the cards as I have one or two gaps that need to be filled. :)

Here’s a Snoopy cartoon to make you smile –

snoopy flapping earsHope you have a good Saturday.

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Friday letters – the mid-May edition

Dear Five Photos, Five Stories challenge,  You were fun, and I enjoyed trawling through my photo folders.

Dear Luton Airport Parking, I think £2.50 is a bit steep to park for 15 minutes in the Drop Off and Pick Up area. 

Dear Weather Gods, What are you thinking?  On Wednesday it was warm and sunny – jackets and cardigans were not required – and then yesterday it was miserable, wet and cold.  Today could go either way, but at least it is starting with some sunshine.  Please stop giving us these tempting glimpses of summer because it is quite disheartening to go back to the chilly wet stuff.

Dear International Days,  Who decides what is going to be assigned to each day?  Is there some world-wide department which meets in December each year and plans it all out, thinking of 365 (or 366) totally random things that we can focus on each day?  This week we had International Hummus Day, and last week there was an International No Socks Day.  What?  I can understand International Dolphin Awareness Day, or International No-Smoking Day, which will raise people’s understanding/knowledge/perception of something which could make a big difference, but surely Hummus doesn’t need its profile to be enhanced?

Dear neighbour’s clematis,  A few shoots started peeping over the top of our fence last year, but this year you are clearly making a bid for freedom from your own garden.  Not that I am complaining actually, because your pink flowers cascading over the fence look very pretty. pink clematisHave a good Friday everyone.


Five Photos, Five Stories #5

I’ve been invited to take part in the “Five Photos, Five Stories” challenge by Jude of Travel Words. The challenge is quite simply to “post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”.

Here’s my fifth and final photo

Grand Canal, Venice

It’s another ‘sit back and watch the world go by’ view today, except I was standing this time.  The view from the Rialto Bridge in Venice captures so much of the hustle and bustle of the Grand Canal.  There are gondolas taking tourists around, water buses full of locals and tourists, water taxis and small motor boats which locals use as we would use our cars.  At the side of the canal there are busy restaurants and boats dropping off people and goods.  If only there was a cafe on the bridge, with a view of the canal, I could have spent hours just watching.

Today I would like to nominate Carol of Wanderings of an Elusive Mind and, breaking the rules a bit by nominating two people, Hilary of Hilary Robb.  There’s no obligation to join in, it’s just if you fancy it.


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