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First day of spring, first blog

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Okay, so today is not technically the first day of spring, but I’m only a little late.  I thought that writing about the start of spring;  new growth, new life etc would be an appropriate subject for the start of something new for me – my first ever Blog!

Officially the first day of spring in the UK is on March 20th, but it depends which part of the country you live in. It starts at Land’s End, the southern tip of England and spreads at walking pace north, reaching John O’Groats in the north of Scotland about 8 weeks later.

I measure spring in my garden by the blooming of the daffodils. The ones I have in a small pot outside the kitchen window have have been in bloom for about a week now – so spring has definitely sprung here!


One thought on “First day of spring, first blog

  1. Lucky you, having daffodils out already. Spring is not springing very quickly here but I hope it isn’t too far away. The clocks go forward tonight so the lighter evenings from now on will make it feel more Spring-like even if the flowers aren’t out yet. I’m looking forward to May when the blubells bloom as they always look lovely.

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