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Vegetable seeds – one week on

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A week on and there has been some success.   The french beans, which I thought would take at least a week to germinate, appeared after 4 days, with the first one to peep above the compost growing about 3 inches in 24 hours!  The basil and courgettes were next, but all was quiet in the carrot pots until Saturday when little specks of green were evident on the surface.

Here’s the latest photo and as you can see one of the french beans is going nowhere at the moment.

Vegetable seeds one week on

The biggest success, and the one I am most excited about, is the cherry tomatoes.  Now why I thought they wouldn’t grow I have no idea, but when they started to germinate on Saturday I was so thrilled!  Simple things…

Here’s a photo of the said cherry tomato seedlings (the two pots at the back) and the swiss chard – which is looking interesting already with different coloured stems.

Cherry tomatoes and swiss chard

I’ve also planted some Corn Salad seeds as part of a ‘scientific’ experiment in collaboration with my friend who, this spring, is planting her seeds and plants in accordance with a version of biodynamic gardening where things are planted on certain days according to the phases of the moon.  She planted her corn salad seeds on the correct day biodynamically and I planted mine the following day, which was not a good biodynamic day at all, using seeds from the same packet, the same size of pots and the same compost.  They are outside, not on the windowsill indoors. The experiment is to see if there is any difference in the growth, health and flavour of our crops.  I planted them on Thursday morning and so far nothing is happening.  The experiment was slightly jeopardised last night by a fox, which decided that one of the two pots I had planted looked interesting enough to dig in, so I’m not expecting great things from that pot now!


One thought on “Vegetable seeds – one week on

  1. What an interesting post.

    Please keep us updated with your Trial.
    Maybe your friend sent the fox over to sabotage your pot!!

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