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Vegetable seeds – two weeks on (plus a few days)

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Are you detecting a pattern to my last three posts??

The vegetable seeds are developing nicely, but one courgette and one french bean seed have failed to come to anything.  Given that their compatriots, which were planted on the same day, are all thriving, I think I will give up on those two and stop looking in hope every morning to see if a little green shoot is in evidence in the pots.

Here is a pic of my biggest success so far – the french bean which germinated first.  French bean seedling

The ‘scientific’ trial is starting to get interesting.  You will remember that my seeds were planted the day after my friend’s but, interestingly, they both began to germinate on the same day – Wednesday last week.  The pot the fox (I think, or maybe it was a squirrel) attacked has lots of seedlings coming up, so perhaps the digging didn’t do too much harm after all.  Today’s count, over the two pots, is 26 seedlings and the tallest of them is about 1cm high.

In preparation for the slug and snail invasion I have purchased

which I have high hopes for.  Nemaslug contains Nematodes, which are naturally occuring microscopic wormy things and which will kill slugs above and below the ground.  I haven’t had the chance to apply it yet, and the packet is sitting in my fridge.  I have to mix the contents of the packet with water and then water the resulting solution into the ground.  The ground should be damp for this procedure and the weather is helpfully raining at the moment, which is not making me feel enthusiastic about getting the job done.


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