I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Weekend in Paris


I’ve just come back from a great weekend staying with friends who are living in Paris at the moment.  Their apartment is near the Arc de Triomphe and very handy for almost everywhere. On Saturday we went for a walk towards the Eiffel Tower, planning to go beyond it and on for coffee in a cafe where we could sit at a pavement table and watch the world go by.  When we got to the tower the crowds were massive, much heavier than you would expect for a dull, grey Saturday afternoon.  At first we put it down to the fact that the final of the French Top 14 rugby was being played later that day and the supporters were doing some sight-seeing first but, as we walked under the tower and joined the queue of people trying to squeeze past one of the ‘legs’, to get to the gardens beyond, it became apparent that the crowds we had seen so far were only the tip of the iceberg.  On the other side of the tower there were TV cameras, outside broadcast vehicles and thousands of people all looking upwards towards the tower.  This is what they had come to see

We went to have our coffee and then made it back in time to see his world record jump.  The man is mad!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Paris

  1. Don’t despair with your courgettes just yet. I also had planted three seeds and had decided mine were duds. So today i thought i would use the pots for something that might be bothered to grow. I tipped the compost out of the first pot and looked for the seed.
    Blow me if it hasn’t got a shoot on it. I scrabbled around in the second pot…..yep, one there too. So, back in the pots they go, along with shouts of ‘for goodness sake get a move on!’.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip!

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