I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

House sparrow – newest Twitter user?

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Today is the third consecutive day that this house sparrow has been at the corner of my neighbour’s roof chirping from dawn until dusk.  It’s not just the odd tweet – it’s almost constant and I’m getting a bit concerned about him.  I’m not sure if he is an adult, announcing that he is available  for young lady sparrows, or a lost young one.  Very occasionally he dips down into the guttering and is silent, but moments later he pops back up again and carries on with his incessant tweeting.   I wondered if he was injured, but yesterday he flew down to a bush in the garden for a few moments before returning to his post on the roof,  so he’s obviously capable of flying.

Just for good measure, here is a video of him


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