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a bit of a gardening blog

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It wasn’t my intention to do a gardening blog, but it seems to be turning into a bit of a recurring theme.

As well as planting vegetable seeds, and tending to the seedlings, I’ve been trying to tame a couple of areas of the garden which were looking slightly the worse for wear, so last week I got out the spade, fork and trowel and with the use of some brute force managed to wrench loads of weeds out, reduce some ‘ground cover’ that had covered too much ground, and hack back a few overgrown plants and shrubs. The result was some rather bare looking earth, but at least it will give a new lease of life to some of my plants which had been getting strangled. I found several things which I had forgotten I had, so that was a bonus. To fill in some of the gaps where the ground cover and weeds had gone mad, I bought a couple of small lavender plants and a rosemary. The hope is that they will thrive in the sunniest spot in the garden, which is also very stony. Before I planted them I dug in some farm manure (which the dog loved, so I had to shut her in the house while I got on with the job!) and top soil. Hopefully the scene has been set for some healthy growth.

I applied the Nemaslug slug killer a few days ago so my fingers are crossed that the slug population will not rise to the enormous proportions that have occurred in recent years.  We have at least one toad in the garden, so hopefully it will be filling its boots with slugs and, in combination with the nemaslug, I might have a nearly slug free garden.

I thought it would be interesting to see what is blooming in my garden at the moment:


Spirea Goldflame (complete with bee)

Lavandula stoechas

Geranium robertianum (this is cheating a little because it is a weed growing in the grass, but it is a pretty little flower)

There are lots of bees in the garden which is great – I am happy to be doing my bit to increase the ailing bee population.

Busy bee on the campanula


One thought on “a bit of a gardening blog

  1. I joined a huge queue and managed to get a coverted community garden plot until the end of summer… have rest of the family helping out plus three friends who will be more hands on since I’m (A) a complete gardening novice and (B) not too mobile or able to mess around with dirt.

    I have my seedlings i still inside growing their little shoots… it’s like magic!!!

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