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the gallery – back to school

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The prompt for this week’s Gallery over at Sticky Fingers was ‘Back to School’

I’ve gone back to school this week – doing much more teaching this year than I have for quite a while, and I wanted to share the view from my classroom window.  Sadly the weather wasn’t beautiful and bright and sunny, as it had been for the previous few mornings – it was misty and thinking about raining, so the view was not as great as usual. Try and imagine a cloudless blue sky instead of the expanse of grey that I have captured, and you will get a better idea of why I think the view is lovely. We are very fortunate that the school (a junior school) has wonderful grounds and is beside a large sports ground with lots of rugby pitches which then lead on to the edge of a huge park with woods, rivers and a canal.  You can see the woods in the distance in my second picture.  I took these photos when I arrived early in the morning, and about an hour later a large tractor/lawnmower arrived and cut the grass, so it all looks neat and tidy now!  I had to take two pictures because I couldn’t fit the whole view into one.


One thought on “the gallery – back to school

  1. wow that’s a school????? With a view like that I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to get out of bed everyday 🙂
    Japanese schools don’t have any grass at all.

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