I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

light bulbs


Is anyone else annoyed by the new energy saving light bulbs which seem to be the only ones you can buy nowadays? They are much bigger than the ones we could buy before and which seem to have been phased out. We have a small table lamp which uses small bulbs and the new bulbs stick up above the shade. Most annoying and not an attractive look. So, while we wait in hope for manufacturers to produce smaller bulbs we will have to sit in the dark (well, darker than if we had the small lamp working).


2 thoughts on “light bulbs

  1. I bloody hate these new bulbs. They’re ugly and you have to wait for them to attain proper brightness. And they’ll probably discover in a few year’s time that, in fact, these biulbs are bad for the environment and give you cancer. What a world!

  2. Good, it’s not just me then.

    Yesterday I replaced the bulbs in two wall lights with the new ones and they promise to last 10 years – I’m not holding my breath!

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