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secret post club – august

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Once again I am a bit late in reporting on my latest Secret Post Club exchange – better late than never though.

My Secret Elf for August was Lisa Neiman (who was also my November Elf). She sent me a fabulous box of goodies, which included a great Paula Deen cookery magazine, a water bottle filled with salt water taffy, some interesting black and white photo notecards and a birthday card.  She wanted to send me a taste of Missouri, which was a lovely idea.  I’ve enjoyed looking through the magazine, and there are a few recipes that I’m hoping to try.  I enjoyed the taffy – I hadn’t realised it came in so many flavours – and of course I have a very practical water bottle which will have many uses.

Thanks, Lisa, for the very thoughtful gifts.

The Secret Post club is the idea of Heather at Note from Lapland.  You can find out more about it here.


One thought on “secret post club – august

  1. Small world – I’ve sent a Secret Post Club package to Lisa this week!

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