I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – clothes



It is time to admit defeat and put away the summer clothes and bring out the winter ones!


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19 thoughts on “six word saturday – clothes

  1. They said it was going to be 18 degrees here this weekend but there’s a nasty wind blowing.

    I think you did the right thing 🙂

  2. Hi Elaine ~~ I hope it won’t last. We are back in summer clothes here in Southeast Texas.
    Happy 6WS!

    • We were briefly back in summer clothes a couple of weeks ago but frosty mornings, and chilly winds, have made me feel it’s downhill all the way to winter now.

  3. What is this “summer”, of which you speak?

    • It’s a far distant thing, Ron: sunshine, and temperatures which are warm enough to allow the heating to be turned off and the knowledge that you can venture out of the house without hat, scarf, gloves and a thick jacket.

  4. I love my boots and sweaters. I say bring it on!

  5. I am SO ready for winter…. bring it on!!!!

  6. I’m loving the fall….loving sweaters!

    Stopping by from 6WS
    Mom on Caffeine!!!

  7. No! I refuse! Just won’t do it!!!!!

  8. Oh well! Soon it will be spring!! Let’s hope the winter isn’t too bad of a one and not too dreary or cold!

    just stopped by from 6WS; enjoy Sunday!


  9. I quite enjoy a bit of winter. But let’s not rush autumn, ok?

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

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