I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

succinctly yours – ambivalent


Jack was ambivalent towards Eve and her pumpkin carving skills: on one hand she was clearly skilful with the knife and scoop, but on the other she had made him look like this!

This is my latest entry for  Succinctly Yours hosted by Grandma at  Grandma’s Goulash .  Each week she posts a picture and word and invites bloggers to create a micro story of 140 characters, or 140 words.  If you can incorporate the word of the week, even better

This week I’ve used 142 characters ,  including spaces and punctuation. This week’s word was ambivalent.


9 thoughts on “succinctly yours – ambivalent

  1. Good one!

    PS I liked your comment about language: yes, I know that second language too that no one else seems to understand, especially my daughter and “tidy your room.” If she deigns to understand then she usually replies: “I did that last week!”

  2. Very nice here, Elaine. 🙂 ~~ If I were Jack I’d take a stand. Either clean that bottom guy up or put him out behind the garage.

  3. Poor pumpkin, but nice tale.

  4. I can’t help but wonder what pumpkin surgeon Eve actually looked like. Because did her knifework actually cause the jack-o-lantern to appear throw-uppy, or did the orange gourd take one look at her and toss his cookies? LOL!

  5. Jack just didn’t understand Eve’s creativity! LOL

  6. Hey, it’s funny. He ought to be more understanding.

  7. Poor Jack! His self-esteem took a real dive. LOL

  8. Very clever use of the WOTW. Sometimes these avant-garde artists march to the beat of a different drummer.

  9. Jack shouldn’t complain, look at all the attention he’s getting. 😀

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