I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

when is it time to start Christmas?


Tilly Bud wrote a post about her plans for blogging in December (which you can read here) and there then followed a bit of a discussion in the Comments section about when people start Christmas.  At work today there was also a discussion along similar lines when the Head teacher said he was off to buy the school Christmas tree this afternoon.

Although I have sometimes done some Christmas shopping earlier, I don’t like to hear Christmas music, or see Christmas trees until the 1st of December, which I think is quite early enough. I hate going into shops in October (and sometimes even in September!) and seeing the decorations up.  On December 1st I will hang up our advent calendar (a tapestry one I made for the first Christmas after we got married and which you hang a little gift on for each day) and get out my Christmas mugs, glasses, plates, teapot, tea-towels, put some Christmas CDs in the car and play Christmas music in the house.  The decorations and tree don’t usually go up until the weekend before Christmas – any earlier than that and I feel I’ll have got bored with them.

I love Christmas – but only in December!

So… when do you start Christmas?


7 thoughts on “when is it time to start Christmas?

  1. Don’t shoot me, but I’ve been wrapping presents today! I like to have all shopping and wrapping done by 1st Dec, so I can fully enjoy the whole lead up to Christmas.

  2. I agree – it doesn’t start until December.

  3. Here where I am, Christmas season starts after Oct 31 for Halloween and Nov. 1, which is a major holiday here dedicated to honoring the dead. After the Halloween decor has been kept for another year, the Christmas decorations get taken out of their slumber!

    I did hear my first Christmas song this year on a day in mid-October. 😀

  4. Officially here in The Netherlands “Christmas” can only start the day after Sint Nicolas,
    This year there has been some national scandal because some shopkeepers have Christmas displays up BEFORE Sint Nicolas has even been! (it got to the national news and people *weren’t* happy about this!)

    • I like the idea of a official start date for Christmas – I wish we had that here so that we’re not bombarded with trees, music and decorations while when we are only just into autumn. Is Sint Nicolas early in December?

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