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six word saturday – mince pies



I’ve baked six trays of mince pies over the last few days, planning to freeze them all in readiness for the festive season. I think five trays’ worth have made it to the freezer, but the rest have been eaten for ‘quality control’ purposes. Of course, eating one single mince pie is not an option – they need to be eaten in pairs at the very least.  I suppose, in retrospect,  I should be pleased that so many have actually made it into the freezer!

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22 thoughts on “six word saturday – mince pies

  1. Excellent that you are baking your own mince pies! Home cooking really is the best:)
    They are however something I never acquired a taste for… (probably partly because I never recovered from the shock of finding out as a kid that Christmas mince Pies actually have no mince (meat) in them lol) …and Himself and the kids don;t like them either, gingerbread on the other hand, struggles to even make it to the cooling racks from the oven.
    …I find that people either love or hate Christmas pudding or mince pies, .. never mind if they don’t… more for you right?

    • I’ve never really been a fan of mince pies, in fact I would go as far as saying that I don’t like them. However… about 10 years ago I ate one at a friend’s house (she had gone to the trouble of making them so I felt I should try one) and thought it was delicious. I asked for the recipe and have been making them since then. It’s actually the pastry that’s really nice, not the filling!

  2. Good work! My baking hasn’t started yet; I need to defrost my freezer before filling it up.

  3. Well done on making your own – I’m definitely a store-bought mince pie gal!

  4. Good on you for making them yourself! Much healthier. I’ve never made mince pies, my mother pretty much just baked shortbread and sugar cookies with us for the holidays. We’d be bouncing off the walls for hours. It was fun 🙂

  5. What self control! It would have been one in the freezer and five for sampling if it were me.

  6. See I’m with Kiwidutch – I don’t really like the taste, but then I don’t eat anything with dried fruit – cakes, puddings, bread etc.

    I can still appreciate anyone who goes to the effort to make fresh home cooked food though 🙂

  7. There’s no limit on mince, but candy cane’s another whole matter: you gotta be careful with the canes.

  8. YAY! Love it! Blessings from 6WS.

  9. For me 1 is TOO many…..!

  10. I always thought mince pie was like fruitcake. Everyone was always giving them for the holidays, but no one was actually eating them.

  11. I have never had a mince pie, but how cool you made so many of them. Enjoy!


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