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six word saturday – birds



At some point today, for an hour, I am going to sit with a cup of coffee, a pen and a piece of paper and count the birds which visit my garden.  This is for a survey organised by the RSPB to see how birds are doing across the UK.  The Society has been carrying out these counts for years, and there is now concern that some species of birds are declining (particularly house sparrows and starlings).  They hope that the results of their ‘Birdwatch’ weekend will help them to take steps to halt the decline.

There’s not much evidence of a decline in house sparrow numbers round here, though.  They are nesting in our roof gutter, and our neighbour’s, and raised at least three broods of chicks each last year!

photo courtesy of bbc.co.uk

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20 thoughts on “six word saturday – birds

  1. Fifteen years ago we saw them all the time; not so much now. We had starlings in our roof until the magpies murdered one.

  2. What happens if you count the same bird twice–or thrice?

    • They ask that you only record the highest number of any species in the garden at the same time. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I think that’s to stop you counting the same bird more than once (which could easily have happened to me today).

  3. All we have this time of year is crows. Can’t wait for the return of the goldfinches, etc.

  4. I can’t wait for spring and the return of all the pretty birds.

  5. Elaine, again I’m envious of your nice camera. I guess mine would do better though on a tripod which you probably are using.

    Our current residents are a woodpecker who has already started on the neighbor’s tree when we get up and then he goes all day.

    The other is a dumpy looking cardinal. He sits on a little red bud tree. Of course we have doves and sparrows by the dozen.

    Keep ;p your good work! (Our daughter lives in London but she isn’t into counting those birds. 🙂

    • Jim, I wish I could take credit for the picture, but it’s a photostock one. I thought it was credited on the photo, but perhaps not – I’d better check it out. We often have a woodpecker visiting us, but I think it’s too early still. Cardinals are lovely, but we don’t get them, sadly.

  6. Lovely, Elaine – I’m so glad you highlighted this survey. It’s not too late in UK and anyone can do it and send their lists to the RSPB. We don’t see too many sparrows here, but recently we were delighted to meet a whole gaggle of them in a motorway picnic area, tame enough to come close for titbits.

    • I’ll post tomorrow about what I saw today, but sparrows did not feature! Sometimes they can be a nuisance in outdoor eating places – boldly pecking on the ground around where you are sitting. Pigeons are worse, though!

  7. I could count birds.
    Pity I don’t know what they are though!

    • It’s quite relaxing just sitting looking for birds, but an hour was enough for me! I was beginning to get impatient before the time was up, but that could be because there were so few birds to count today!

  8. Maybe they are declining like the bees. My post is about that today. Pesticides are a part of the problem. What are we doing to the world with all of our poisons? And even our technologies…even cell phones have been named as a possible source of the bee decline. Yikes!

    I love birds. I love to hear them sing as I sit in my chair by the window in the mornings. So lovely. Happy bird watching today!

    • I think you could be right, the populations are probably declining because of what we are doing to the environment. We are all being encouraged to have bird feeders in our gardens now to try and help the numbers increase.

  9. I’d have to say that’s a nice way to relax.
    Too cold and snowy to sit out with a coffee…but I have a pretty good view of the chickadees outside my window. Which reminds me, the feeder needs filling.

  10. Those are great Saturdays when you can do that…

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