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birds – update


I did my hour’s birdwatching in the garden yesterday for the RSPB survey. It was quite disappointing really, but I have registered my count on the website.  I think I saw a total of around 15 birds, which is a pathetic tally considering how many sparrows there usually are flying down from the roof onto one of the shrubs at the front of the house, or how many blue-tits there often are feasting on our birch tree.  Perhaps they were all off at a convention in someone else’s garden, but it was unusually quiet here.

So, the results that I registered were – one magpie, one great-tit and three blue-tits. There were no other species in evidence, although my next-door neighbour had lots of pigeons on her roof, but they stayed put and didn’t venture into my garden. The survey asks that you record the highest number of any species in the garden at any one time so, despite having quite a few blue-tits and great-tits, the great-tits only visited individually (or it was the same bird which kept coming back).


4 thoughts on “birds – update

  1. There isn’t one in my garden at the moment….think Tom is the reason for that!

  2. Keep checking. What are you doing to tempt them in?

    • I have bird feeders up – have done for several years now – with mixed seeds, nyger seeds and fatballs. I usually have peanuts as well, but they had run out at the weekend (now replenished). I can’t put food down on the ground for them, or the dog would have it!

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