I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

snoopy monopoly

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I have just stumbled across the perfect game for me!  Sadly it is out of print.

photographs © usaopoly.com

I’m a fan of board games, and Monopoly was always one of my favourites (in fact I still have my original set, given to me for Christmas when I was about 10 or 11) so to team it up with my favourite character seems like great fun.  The ‘properties’ are favourite Snoopy moments, or his valued possesions e.g.typewriter, sunglasses, Sherlock’s cloak.  Instead of the railway stations there are the four seasons. The playing tokens include his dog bowl, Red Baron Snoopy and a dancing Snoopy.

If anyone comes across one for sale on Ebay, give me a shout!


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