I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

world book day


Today is World Book Day and schools up and down the country will invite the children to ‘Dress as a Book Character’ instead of wearing their uniform and do lots of book related activities. Every child up to 18 years old and in full time education will receive a book token.

This made me think about my favourite childhood books.  I was a great fan of Enid Blyton and wished I could be one of the Famous Five having adventures and eating picnics with lashings of ginger beer (except I didn’t like ginger beer, but that was a minor technicality).  The Adventure series (Castle of Adventure, Island of Adventure etc) was also good and the children always seemed to end up in exciting and exotic places. I also remember enjoying the Narnia series, Just William, Jennings, The Bobsey Twins and the Chalet School books.

One of my earliest book memories is a series of books by Ivy Wallace about a rabbit called Pookie.  Pookie had wings and lived with Belinda, the woodcutter’s daughter, who rescued him from a terrible snowstorm.   I must have been  3 or 4 when I first read them (or had them read to me) and loved them.  The illustrations were beautiful – detailed and colourful.

Here is Pookie in all his winged glory:

Does anyone else remember Pookie?


6 thoughts on “world book day

  1. SO glad William is too old for the dressing up World Book Day thingy now – I found the whole thing very stressful!

    • I quite agree that it’s stressful! I declined to dress up this year – the marking and planning I have to do each week is stressful enough!!

  2. Sadly, no.

    I did love the FF, though.

  3. Yes, yes, yes. Pookie belonged to my brother, and I was so jealous. It was a beautiful book, with amazing illustrations, and the paper was beautiful. I kept in my room for years, and then finally admitted my crime to my brother. He took it back, he loved it too. I hope he has read it to his children. I feel as if my own children have missed out on it, and now I MUST find a copy to share with my grandchildren. Thankyou for reminding me about it.

    • Oh good – I am SO glad someone else remembers him! It would be great to get hold of a copy. I don’t know what happened to my copies, but I wish I had kept them.

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