I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

sunset photographs


I love a good sunset, and saw this one when I was driving round the outskirts of Glasgow a couple of weeks ago.  I pulled into the nearest car park to get my camera out and try and get a good shot.  Usually my photos don’t quite come up to the beauty of the actual thing, but these are pretty close, although slightly blurry.  It’s just a shame that the landscape wasn’t more exciting than a McDonalds, a supermarket and some high rise buildings!

photograph © iusedtobeindecisive

photograph © iusedtobeindecisive

photograph © iusedtobeindecisive


6 thoughts on “sunset photographs

  1. Those are beautiful, really lovely.

  2. What a fantastic sunset…makes the outskirts of Glasgow (McDonalds and all) look rather glamorous!

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