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signs of spring 2


It’s just over two weeks since my last post about signs of spring in my garden.  The snow disappeared. although the weather stayed cold, and then last week we had ‘higher than average for this time of year’ temperatures again.  The buds which had just begun to appear on the hydrangea survived the cold snap, which I was pleased about, but I think I have lost a tender agapanthus plant which I bought last summer.  It is in a pot, but is looking very sad and droopy. My miniature daffodils in the blue pot are showing some buds (and since this photo was taken some have started to flower) but it doesn’t look as though it’s going to be a bumper crop this year.

These photos were taken last week just as the weather was warming up:



4 thoughts on “signs of spring 2

  1. I love snowdrops. There don’t seem to be any in this area, though we get lots of daffs and crocuses.

  2. Our snowdrops have been out in abundance for quite a while and have now been joined by carpets of crocuses. Daffodils are just beginning to appear too so I’m looking forward to their cheerful colour. All very pretty.

    • We’ve had clumps of them blooming for a while too, and now I notice some crocuses are out – though not in our garden. The daffs are on their way!

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