I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – challenge completed



On February 6th I issued a challenge to myself to post every day for a month.  I’m pleased to say that I posted daily for 32 consecutive days, so I am patting myself on my back as a job done, and a great achievement.  I found it hard work – I have no idea how people manage to write something interesting, and often quite long, every day for a year!

I’m going back to my occasional posting now (at least twice a week, maybe three) but might issue myself another challenge in a few weeks.

Happy Saturday everyone.

For more Six Word Saturday participants have a look at Cate’s blog, Show My Face.


21 thoughts on “six word saturday – challenge completed

  1. I’m always impressed by this kind of stamina, could never keep that kind of pace. I did the poem-a-day thing for the past two Aprils, but it nearly killed me both times! My hat’s off to you.

  2. Congratulations, Elaine! 🙂 That is a lot of posting. Seems as if you can’t hardly have another life and do that as somethling always comes up once in a while to keep you away.

  3. Great determination! I am lucky to last a week before I decide my life is boring or overwhelming.

    • Some days I had more energy/enthusiasm than others so would do a couple of posts at a time and then schedule them. That was a plus for the days when I had no energy for blogging.

  4. congratulations on meeting your challenge!
    I post 6 times a week – sometimes more — I’m not sure where all the stuff comes from???

  5. I always say that as well, but some days I just have nothing to say. Or too much to say and cannot focus.

  6. Back for moment, Elaine. Yes, I plan to get a humane trap where I can take the little creature out to a fairly distant field or woods and let him go. They tell me to get a “blue trap” but I will make sure it is the right kind.

    BTW, Mrs. Jim read my blog. I knew she would eventually but she read it today, the day of posting. That generally doesn’t happen.

    See you tomorrow for micro-fiction, Jim 🙂

    • Good luck with the humane trap. I hope you manage to take your captives far enough away so that they do not bother you again.

      Typical that Mrs Jim should read your blog on that very day!

  7. Well done! My own blogging has dwindled to only a couple of posts a month but have set myself the A to Z challenge during April. Also trying to visit more blogs.

  8. I am trying to be more creative with my blogging…maybe this Spring…

  9. Well done on completing it! I sometimes write every day but mostly less often now – time just seems to run away with me!

  10. Hooray! It’s always such a great feeling to get to the finish line, right?!

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