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weekly photo challenge: unusual


This week’s theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘unusual’.

This is a photo of a drink of butterbeer – a drink which is very unusual and is normally only available to wizarding folk and not muggles like me.  It is a very unusual flavour, and not one I can easily describe.  Behind the glass of butterbeer is the triple-decker knight bus.

Last week I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a preview visit to Warner Bros Studio Tour London – the making of Harry Potter. They have been doing ‘soft’ openings prior to the official opening on March 31st.  It was very interesting – lots to see and read, and plenty of staff around the place to answer questions.  The detail they went into with the costumes, sets and props is amazing.  I hadn’t realised we could take cameras, so these photos are taken using my phone – not perfect, but not too bad.

This post is for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.


9 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: unusual

  1. A triple decker bus? WOW…!
    (no low bridges on their route then LOL.)

  2. My family was at Universal Orlando just two weeks before it opened there a real pee off, cos we were told it was to open at easter but it was delayed..:)

  3. How did you blag that?!!

    You lucky thing. I hope there are more photos to come 🙂

    • I work in the vicinity, and lots of local schools were invited to take some children round. Local residents have also been given a free visit to thank them for putting up with the disruption while all the building work was going on. I’ll put some more photos in another post.

  4. TRiple decker? now thats one unusual thing

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