I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – construction work



The diggers and trucks moved in during the Easter break to start work on alterations to the school and grounds so there’s lots of activity going on just a few feet from my classroom window.  Of course, most of the children would rather be watching that than me!

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18 thoughts on “six word saturday – construction work

  1. No Like, because that must be really annoying for you.

    • It is. 😦 The workmen are supposed to be putting up a covering over their fencing so that the children can’t see in from the classrooms (but will be able to see what’s going on when they are in the playground) so that should help – hasn’t happened yet though!

  2. Big grin. Couldn’t turn it into a lesson? the need for maintenance and improvement; the ethics of work; the maths of earth-shifting; a poem about the beauty of big machines; I could go on…..

  3. In the ‘olden’ days I’d have been able to do that, and it would have been fantastic. Sadly these days we have targets to meet, tests to do, strict schedules to follow…. it’s such a shame. I yearn for the days when you could take opportunities like that.

  4. How annoying and, as you say, frustrating that the emphasis on “targets” and “standards” to be reached for the mandatory standardized testing intereferes with such excellent teaching opportunities..

  5. I was just thinking – I bet the kids are distracted by that! Blessings from 6WS.

  6. I can’t imagine why they would rather pay attention to the workers. 😉 We may be in the same situation in a year or two…

  7. No offence intended, but you can’t blame them, sounds like way more fun to watch outside the window

    • No, I can’t blame them – in fact sometimes I was much more interested in what was going on outside the window than what was supposed to be going on in the classroom!

  8. Well of course children are more interested in big trucks! Isn’t everyone?

  9. Ah children and big trucks…what a combination. Perhaps it can be added to the lesson plan. Good luck!


  10. A life lesson in changes.

  11. Seems as though the children are fascinated in seeing their toys “come alive”. Thank you for your service. So sad you and the children aren’t able to take advantage of opportunities for teachable moments like these. Have a great week. 🙂
    I invite you to view my post for 6WS http://wp.me/p1Cyea-1oY

  12. Sorry, I must confess, I love big trucks too!

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