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six word saturday – more rain



Coming from Scotland you’d think I’d be used to rain, because it certainly rains a lot there, but after years of living in the south of England  I have become accustomed to a slightly drier climate.

This week it has poured every day, sometimes torrentially, although there have been occasional bright breaks where the sun has been glimpsed, and wearing raincoats and waterproof footwear has become the order of the day.

It seems that since the hosepipe ban came into force at the beginning of April for parts of the south and east of England, we’ve had more rain than in the whole of  the previous 12 months!



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19 thoughts on “six word saturday – more rain

  1. That’s Murphy’s Law isn’t it. It seems to rain more here when our water restrictions are lifted as well. Your six words made me laugh

  2. I had a duck once. Delicious.

  3. Wow, I would really miss the sun around there.

  4. Same here! Dry today but wild winds.

    • Dry wild winds would be good and perhaps the grass would have dried out enough for me to cut the grass – which is growing by the inch every day!

  5. Oh no! It will be so difficult to find shoes now! Ha, ha!

  6. Dark and rainy all day again here. Depressing.

  7. I clicked on the link to see what a hosepipe is and found it’s what we Americans call a water hose. Last summer, we had our own hosepipe bans here in the deep south. The drought was terrible. The water table is just now getting back to normal. It’s rained a lot this last two months.

    As a resident of Louisiana, I’ve often been asked if I have webbed feet because of all the swamps we have down here. I think the webs look better on the duck than they would on me.

    Very fun post!

  8. Stockport should really be part of Scotland with the amount of rain we get.

  9. We thought we’d had a pretty bad week here, but I watched Norwich v Liverpool on the telly yesterday and couldn’t believe how hard it rained, and for how long.

  10. Here in Kansas USA…we are having a rainy Sunday morning. I am loving the sound of the steady rain. I do not like the thunder boomers or lightening…when that happens, but a steady gentle rain is lovely. (When we were kids we had a few ducks as pets. They are fun.) Tee hee

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