I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

two films I’ve seen recently

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A couple of weeks ago we went to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.  It was very enjoyable – gentle romance, gentle comedy, nice scenery and a ‘proper’ story with a beginning, middle and end. All that and a small tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – lovely.

Last weekend we finally managed to get tickets to see Avengers Assemble.  Apparently it’s the highest grossing film on its opening weekend, beating the mega-popular Harry Potter films.  I recognised most of the Marvel Superheroes who assembled to save the Earth, but had no idea who Black Widow and Hawkeye were – have there been films featuring them, or did I not read the Marvel comics which featured them?  It was a good film – lots of action and CGI effects and some humour as well.  If you go and see it, don’t leave as soon as the credits start at the end, because there is another scene.  Half the people in our cinema missed it!


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