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…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – reports



It’s that time of year again – the end of year reports need to be written and, as always, they are very time consuming.  I made a start last week, and this weekend and next week will be spent focusing on them.  Our annual end-of-year (even though we still have two months to go!) assessment tests were carried out last week, so there is plenty of marking and assessing to be done too.  Oh joy.


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14 thoughts on “six word saturday – reports

  1. Report writing will begin soon enough! 🙂
    Just think, summer vacation after reports. 😀

  2. Don’t you just love these times, Elaine! 🙂
    That is when you can actually reflect, go back over notes, and do it to your best.

    That doesn’t always happen. My NASA boss used to remind us of deadlines in a subtle way by telling us as he walked by our desks, “write faster.” If we were a litt frustrated we would scribble over the paper and look up. That was the day before the PC and the secretaries were to tye it up for the Mission Report.

  3. keep hold of the prize at the end of the mad rush – summer vacation!!

  4. This too shall pass…then it is reward time!
    McGuffy’s Reader

  5. Whenever I get Will’s report at the end of term, I think about how much hard work the teachers must put into writing them all. (And I do wonder how often they repeat the exact same words for different children, too?!!)

    • I try very hard not to put the same comments for any two children, but sometimes that’s hard – there are only so many ways you can say that they have carried out certain Art activities, or achieved well in Science/PE/English etc! 🙂

  6. Tell you what, I’ll swap you my reports, extra courses and notes due to structural changes at work, and summer workload for your long summer holiday in the sunshine.

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