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…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – diamond jubilee



the official diamond jubilee emblem

The UK is awash with red, white and blue (well, maybe not awash, but there’s quite a lot of it about!) as we celebrate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.

We had a Jubilee party at school (everyone dressed in red, white and blue naturally).   Flags, banners and bunting were hung around the playground, we played the sorts of games that children would have played 60 years ago, we listened to 1950’s music, we ate cucumber sandwiches and cake.  The sun shone, we had a wonderful time and, at the end of it, the children and staff were given a small commemorative gift.



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17 thoughts on “six word saturday – diamond jubilee

  1. think I shall be watching some of the celebrations on TV…

    • Me too. I could travel into London to see some of the main things which are happening, but I think watching it on TV will give me a better view! We might be lucky and see some of the flypast planes going over our house either on the way to, or returning from, Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

  2. It’s times like these I miss my kids being in primary school.

    What was the gift?

  3. Growing up in Canada – I know this will be a huge deal back home. In the sunny south however, I have heard nary a peep about it.

    • Yes, I imagine Canada will be following it. Maybe there will be a report on your news today after the huge river pageant they are putting on this afternoon.

  4. She ascended the Throne when I was born. It’s impossible for me to imagine otherwise.

  5. We read it in the newspaper and watch references on TV but it seems so far away

  6. I know that all day tomorrow BBCA is showing all the celebrating… I might just have to check some of it out!

  7. It’s so nice to have something to celebrate instead of the usual doom and gloom, isn’t it? I went with the same theme but without your great artwork.

  8. Oh yes! Enjoy yourself….kick back and have a grand time!

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