I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – playing catch up



So much for needing a week to recover from the trip with 60 children – now I need a week to recover from the week spent recovering!

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19 thoughts on “six word saturday – playing catch up

  1. 60 children!!! wow – rather you than me 🙂

  2. “Time off” indeed. No such thing exists.

  3. You’re either very brave or quite mad! 60 children? Wow.

  4. I agree. 60 kids are you nuts? You need like a whole year of recovery.

  5. You are a brave soul…I dread the week back after being away. It seems so much more stressful.

  6. Hi Elaine, welcome back! I do believe the real world followed you!
    After I clicked and before your blog opened I was thinking about your travel and wondering where you were now.
    I used to love traveling with students, but mine were college students. A BIG difference, huh?
    Jim’s Six Word Saturday

    • Just back home now, in the south of England. I’m not sure I would like to take students travelling abroad – a trip within our own country is hard enough work!

  7. Hope you get to catch your breath & relax!

  8. Summer hols arrived yet?

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