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six word saturday – wimbledon



I was going to post about the dreadful weather we’ve been having here in the south east, but since it’s been going on for ages and other parts of the UK have been having it much worse, it didn’t seem interesting news.

However, what IS news is that, for the first time since 1938, we have a British player in the Wimbledon men’s singles final! Andy Murray will play Roger Federer in the final on Sunday – should be a good match.






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22 thoughts on “six word saturday – wimbledon

  1. I am fine with either result of Wimbledon. Both would be great stories.

  2. I haven’t watched yet. Might catch some today since it’s too hot out to do anything else.

  3. I am not a big tennis fan but I will be watching tomorrow.

  4. Great! 🙂 I am not very patriotic when it comes to tennis so I’ll help by pulling for your Brit.

    My kids: Billy and friend are playing golf near Killarny, is it rainy there?
    Karen and three-year-old-to-be KP have escaped to French Riviera, weather’s nice at Nice!
    And 15-year-old BP has escaped here to the U.S. for an assortment of weather (hot, rain, fires, your pick).

  5. Not such a follower of it all, but I’m rooting for the best one to win…the harder they try the better they shoot…right! Enjoy the matches!

  6. Everyone in our family is pulling for Murray.

  7. Hi Elaine ~~ Thank you for peeking in on my Six Words. Yes, for the 4th of July we celebrated two days, the day before and on the 4th.

    We took two U.S. Marine Korean War vets in the parade, riding on the back of our Mustang. I am a vet also, but the U.S. Army and this parade was to honor the Marines. We saw the burrow on a side road leading to the parade route while we had just started in the parade. I think that they had troubles getting to the parade.

    To see our 4th activities I had them on the first link above which was wrong for the Six Words.

    Those are on the last part of this post:

  8. Brilliant! Being of British decent, I am terribly excited

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