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snow plough/plow in new zealand


I have to share something with you that was part of a comment left on my WordPress photo challenge, Movement – it’s too good to leave there, where you might miss it!

In her comment, Kiwidutch put a link to this video ( uploaded to YouTube by geoffmackley), of a train ploughing through deep snow from Arthur’s Pass to Christchurch.   It’s brilliant – especially around 1 minute.


3 thoughts on “snow plough/plow in new zealand

  1. Wonderful! Clearly British Rail could take a few lessons from KiwiRail about dealing with snow on the line.

  2. What’s really amazing is that when the train goes around the curve at 1 min 36 you can see just how much snow has been cleared from the tracks behind it…. AND with no special snow plough attachment on the train either!

    Great to see a bit of “Arthurs” again too, it’s been ages since I’ve seen it in snow since our most recent trips home have all been summer ones. Great memories hiking in the area.

    It wasn’t too hard to hit the “like” button as you can well imagine 🙂

  3. It’s not snow that’s the problem with British Rail, Hilary, it’s leaves. Irish Rail here have the same problem. I mean, just how are you supposed to drive on them? Ok, cars, bicycles and little old ladies with wheelie-shopping-bags can do it, but you can’t expect a train that can’t even skid sideways to manage it.

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