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six word saturday – olympic games



Preparations have been going on for years, and for the last few weeks all we seem to have been hearing about is the games – who might be going to light the flame, what’s on TV, how it will affect travel in and around the city etc.  At times I must admit I’ve felt a bit fed up about it all but, now that it’s here, I am going to get behind Team GB and hope that we do well.

I will be watching a fair amount of it on TV (loads of new channels have been introduced so that we won’t miss a minute of it!) starting with the Opening Ceremony which I had to record because we were out last night, although we did get home just in time to watch the lighting of the flame.

photo courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

We were actually in London for the evening and unintentionally saw a bit of the proceedings when the Red Arrows flew over at 2012hrs to start things off, which was quite exciting and made me feel part of it all.

photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

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15 thoughts on “six word saturday – olympic games

  1. I fell asleep so didn’t see the opening ceremony but I caught the highlights this morning…very impressive.

  2. It was a nice start to the Olympics. Have a great couple of weeks! It will be exciting.

  3. I have been so swamped with just living that I didn’t even notice they had started!

  4. Hi Elainne ~~ Our NBC will carry most of the U.S. competitions. We had the openning ceremonies here in our evening, reruns. It was the best I have ever seen, the parts I did see. We came in too late to see Mr. Bean.

    I have a few of my TV captures here, Jim’s Six Words for July 28

  5. I love that the world still does this. Hope it is safe & fun for all.
    McGuffy’s Reader

  6. James Bond and Mr. Bean- what fun! I’m proud of Elizabeth- she gets less starchy as the years go by. Maybe, like me, she’s realising that time runs out ever faster.

  7. It is quite a big deal! I like the opening program …and saw most of it. My favorite part is the gymnastics, so I will try to watch that part! (:>)

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