I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

search terms finding my blog


In a recent post, Tilly Bud suggested some tips for new bloggers.  One of those tips was to use tags correctly because that will get you more hits on your blog or, if not more hits then it will, at least, result in amusing searches for your blog which you can then write posts about! So, not wanting to turn down a bit of blogging advice, off I went to look at the search terms which have found my blog so that I could write several amusing posts…


The most popular search is ‘maths jokes’ closely followed by ‘christmas pictures’ and ‘chocolate’.   Not much fodder there for a post. Looking back through the list all the way to the beginning there is nothing hilarious, or even smile-worthy, unless the ones written in foreign scripts are funny, but I wouldn’t know of course.

There are two which could maybe conjure up an amusing picture –

jubilee out crowd – was there a jubilee IN crowd?

christmas symbols wallpaper – That sounds very hard to live with.  Would they also have Easter wallpaper, Hallowe’en wallpaper etc?  Imagine all the decorating you’d have to do if you had seasonal wallpaper in your house. 🙂  The searcher probably really meant computer/phone wallpaper, but I’m an old fashioned girl and thought of interior house walls!


8 thoughts on “search terms finding my blog

  1. Ever since Tilly started sending up her search terms, I’ve been looking at mine, and taking a bit more care over tags. My ekphrastic poetry brings the most searches – I imagine eager art students looking for the paintings of Mucha or Munch, or the poems of Robert Burns. Their disappointment must be extreme.

    Your wallpaper tag made me chuckle.

  2. I have just found your blog and I found it by looking on the “Bloggs I’m following” on africatoalgarve blog. I’m pretty new at this game but I’m enjoying every moment.

  3. I battle to decorating of any sorts, let alone new wallpaper for each season – hilarious. See, you did come up with something amusing for your blog. Certainly makes me think about the tags I use.

  4. I am chuffed you got a post from your tags. I have been urging bloggers to do it forever because they are so much fun. 🙂

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