I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

weekly photo challenge: wrong


Photographed today in my local supermarket.

The sign has been there for months and months.  It annoys me every single time I see it.

This post is for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  Click the link for more offerings on the subject.


15 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: wrong

  1. The apostrophe? That’s my pet peeve.

  2. It make you wonder!

  3. I pass a shop every day that claims to sell “stationary”.

  4. For that matter – I’m not sure which is correct usage in English as she is spoke where you’re from, but in my part of the world it should be “greeting cards” with no “s” on greeting!

    No complaints about “magazines”, though, unless the store only carries one! 😉

    • I’ve been thinking about greeting cards v greetings cards and can’t actually decide what would be correct here! Is it ‘greetings’ because the cards have a selection of different greetings in them – birthday, new job, wedding anniversary etc? Or ‘greeting’ because the cards are sending you a greeting. Hmmmm, my brain hurts now!

      • I have to admit I never thought about it before! But now that I am, I guess I’d say that each card contains one greeting, so “obviously” greeting should be singular even though there are lots of cards.

        How’s that for a rationalization of why “what I’m used to” is the same thing as “what’s logically the only possible correct thing”? 😉

  5. Hmmm… if they thought the apostrophe was right for DVD’s, why not Magazine’s and Card’s? Or for that matter, Geeting’s? 😉

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  7. I have the answer to your annoyance. Stay away from any shop which has more than 3 aisles, you’ll find you’re much better off emotionally. I never go in Tesco, and try to shop in independent stores and on line. You can’t reason with a corporation, but you can talk face to face with an independent retailer.
    (By the way I’d be annoyed by the sign too)

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