I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – brambles



There are bramble (blackberry) bushes just a short walk from our house.  The harvest looks good this year, and I already have a few bags of them in my freezer. I’m thinking I might try to make some jam – something I haven’t done before.

Anyone got a recipe/method they could recommend?

photo © thompson-morgan.com


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36 thoughts on “six word saturday – brambles

  1. No recipe but man do they look good. Yum yum.

  2. Great. Now I gotta wipe the drool off my keyboatd. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Hows about making blackberry brandy? One bottle of cheap brandy filled with blackberries bottled up and left for two months.

  4. They look delicious. Sorry no jam recipe – Did you check out “Allrecipes.com”

  5. Careful.!….my dad used to wear a crazy cover-all outfit, climb over a fence, and pick these babies so mom could bake something wonderful…..

  6. Those plump brambles look delicious. But watch out for bees. I would make a cobbler. Yum!

  7. I just adore that word brambles! What a lovely photo of them too!

  8. Usually put mine in a crumble, Elaine, but doesn’t that brandy sound good!

  9. We haven’t done Blackberries here, Elaine. If I were doing it I would Google “Blackberry Recipes.”

    Best wishes with it! Please tell us what morning to come for biscuits and Blackberry Preserves. Thanks, 🙂

  10. I would make a pie 🙂

  11. Mmmmm, I love blackberries! I don’t know any good recipes, but I love eating them with my greek yogurt!

  12. We used to have some blackberry bushes when I was a kid. I hated picking them, since I don’t really like them. Lots of work for no reward for me! But they are pretty. Enjoy yours.

  13. Mmmmm brambles!

  14. I looove brambleberries! But I like them best straight from the bush, so I don’t know any recipes 😉

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