I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – wildlife



People seem to oooh, and aaah when they see  badgers, foxes and squirrels.  Words like cute, cuddly, amusing, charming etc pop into their heads.  They think how wonderful it is to have wildlife so close to them, especially in a suburban garden like ours.

I used to be one of them, but not now, now I am just annoyed by them.

A badger (or badgers, I’m not sure) has broken, very noisily over several nights, through the wooden fence between us and one side neighbour, and has also dug under the fence to the neighbour’s garden which runs along the end of ours. The fence panel will have to be repaired, or replaced.

Foxes (and I know there are lots of them because I’ve seen them) have dug lots of holes in our flowerbeds and over the years several shrubs, and small trees,  have been damaged by their digging and I noticed a new area of the garden was attacked last night.  They are also very noisy – calling, fighting and playing in the late evening, and even during the night.

Squirrels have, up until now, confined themselves to eating from the bird feeders, which is very amusing to watch I admit, but now they have taken to digging little holes in the grass.

So no, I am not a fan of any of them any more.


Badger (Photo credit: Tatterdemalion!)


Fox (Photo credit: jans canon)

squirrel eating from bird feeder

squirrel eating from bird feeder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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34 thoughts on “six word saturday – wildlife

  1. Ah yes, I can totally relate! At our property back in Australia we had a problem with kangaroos, which are an animal that people who don’t encounter every day are in awe of. They were nibbling on all our produce so we built a kangaroo-proof fence and just have all the produce inside that area now. It worked a treat.

  2. Not much to squirrels, & fox is stringy, but badgers are delicious. Just sayin.

  3. Oh no I don’t ooh or aah at all. Poor you!!

  4. My hubby says squirrels are big rats with tails. Unfortunately the animals don’t have enough food to eat in their natural environment so they have come looking for it.

  5. I’m sure they don’t see themselves as problems at all!

    My 6WS

  6. Interesting how people have different animal problems in different parts of the world. We have problems with deer. They love eating my flowers and they deform our shrubs in the winter. We pick our plants according to whether deer like them. 🙂

  7. there is a house along my dog walking route that actually has put a plate attached to a tree for the squirrels…. seriously??? do they not realize that these little rodents carry more diseases than mice?

  8. Be careful with those badgers…they are mean suckers!

  9. You cannot convince me…I LOVE CRITTERS!

  10. Yes, they are cute, but can be a nuisance.

  11. It’s the same here only it’s wallabies, hares and bandicoots.

  12. Oh dear! Hope you find some good solutions.

  13. Well, not having to contend with their damage in my garden, I’m afraid I’ll still have to go Awww and Cute, Etc. 🙂

  14. city folks just don’t know any better…..but they were there first!

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