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…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – dark mornings



It’s so hard to get up and get going in the morning these days, now that we are hurtling towards winter.  Here in the UK it’s the end of British Summer Time tonight and our clocks go back an hour, so for the next few weeks we’ll have lighter mornings again.  Hooray!  Before we know it, though, we’ll be back to the gloomy, dark mornings. They are particularly bad when it’s raining and windy, which is what we have at the moment.  The fact that it will now get darker much earlier in the evenings isn’t great, but somehow seems easier to deal with.  I’ll get used to it in a week or so, but for now I think I’ll just be grumpy and moan about it.

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35 thoughts on “six word saturday – dark mornings

  1. Funny, it never bothers me. I love the changing seasons and that’s all part of it.

    There is frost on the cars this morning.

  2. Inevitability of winter disagreeable, but we get over it!

  3. bizarrely – here in Portugal we follow your clock too and we have an extra hour in bed tomorrow (yippee!) and then it’s get darker earlier (boo!)

  4. Yes it is strange that we follow Britain because we are on the same longitude line (wellI think that’s right) but just over in Spain, a stones throw away they are an hour ahead of us. I don’t mind the darker nights as I love the lighter mornings.

  5. I feel the same way about mornings in this season. It’s getting more and more difficult to get up.

  6. Here it’s getting lighter earlier every day and it’s also warming up. Yesterday it was 32 degrees. Today was cooler, only 27! Carol.

  7. Drive back & forth to work in the dark. I feel like a mole. Ick.

  8. I completely agree…and the time change isn’t really going to help any. Go to school in the dark and come home when it’s pretty dark. Bring on summer! 😉

  9. Also…really funny given our emails this week. I guess I’ll be glad we have two more weeks before our clocks change. When do yours go back? Ours in in March now (used to be early and later but we changed a few years ago to match the U.S.)

  10. Our time change doesn’t happen un til next weekend. Why can’t we just stay on the same time and appreciate our days and nights?

  11. I love shorter days… but I do have to say driving to work in the dark is a major downer…I have been doing that for a while now…. seems like forever 🙂

  12. Life is an adventure! Ha! (:>) We humans don’t like change much…but it always happens to us! Hang in there!

    Enjoy your Saturday!


  13. Can’t beat a good grumble, Elaine. Oh dear, it’s almost dark already! Enjoy your extra hour.

  14. You should probably wake up later like I do. It helps 😉

  15. I don’t mind the dark so much as the cold. It’s only October and I’ve already got my parka out (in Kentucky!) I don’t know what I’ll do in January.

  16. I’m with you about the dark mornings and evenings; we don’t change our time until next week and I’m not looking forward to it getting dark around here at 5 p.m.


  17. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on 6WS. Darkness bothers me too! I love the summer months when it is light so much longer! Blessings!

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