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weekly photo challenge: foreign


I love this stuff – hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles).  It’s ‘foreign’ because we can’t buy it here in the UK (or if we can, I haven’t found a shop that sells it yet!).  I first had it when we went to visit friends in the Netherlands and it was on the breakfast table.  Previously only having seen this sort of thing on top of a cake, I eagerly tried it on top of my bread and butter – well, any excuse for chocolate – and instantly became a firm fan.  There is something about the combination of the firm texture of the chocolate and the softness of the bread that makes it irresistable.

It comes in different flavours and styles, but this is my favourite – dark chocolate.  It’s lovely on bread and butter, as pictured on the box, but is also very tasty on hot buttered toast.  Mr I was at a meeting near Amsterdam about six months ago and was under strict instructions to pick up a few boxes, which he duly did, however this photo  is the last one that I have left, and I am trying to make it last!


This post is for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  Click on the link for other bloggers’ photos on the subject.


8 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: foreign

  1. As much as I love chocolate, I can’t see the attraction of chocolate on bread 😦

  2. Ha Ha, that’s a new combination. Chocolate sprinkles on bread and butter. Do you have to hide them from the children?

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  4. psst Elaine,
    Naturally we have the stuff coming out of our ears here…

    How ’bout a package swap? Some UK Goodies on my wish-list for Dutch hagelslag and vlokken? (Vlokken are the flat ribbon like ones)

    Do you know how many varieties there are of this? (too many LOL)

    Have you tried others than the one in your photo?… if not here is a post on a FEW of the others:

    There will even be special St. Nicolas ones coming out soon…
    Let me know if you fancy a top-up of your supplies 🙂

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