I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

skeins of geese


I spent most of yesterday, well 8 hours of it, driving 400 miles to Scotland, where I am now, to stay with my mum for a few days.  The journey was uneventful really – lots of traffic, stopping and starting for the first half of the journey and then the rest of it was clear roads.  It’s a shame it was dark by then, because the best scenery is driving through the Lake District and then on over the border and towards Glasgow.  A full moon, and mainly clear skies, made it all quite dramatic and atmospheric.

The title of this post is because this morning, when we opened the curtains, the sky was filled with small groups of geese flying over in v formations – there were hundreds of them altogether.  As they moved off into the distance, the smaller skeins seemed to be coming together to form one large one.  It was quite an impressive sight, but I wasn’t quick enough with my camera.  I’m not sure what type of geese they were, but they must have been on their way from their overnight roost to feeding grounds for the day.




11 thoughts on “skeins of geese

  1. I love the noise they make. Such a racket. I love geese.

  2. We didn’t hear them this time (end of October in Scotland, so the windows are usually closed 😉 ), but I’ve heard them in the evenings as they are flying back the other way – they seem to have an awful lot to say to each other!

  3. Oh you lucky thing you. I love Scotland. Definitely need to make another trip there very soon. Enjoy your stay.

  4. Are you on school holidays this week? Carol.

  5. How beautiful. Is ‘skein’ a technical term for strings of geese, or did you invent it?

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