I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – NaBloPoMo



Well, who knew?  I only found this out yesterday, thanks to an email from WordPress.  Apparently November is National Blog Posting Month – to encourage people to either take up blogging, or to blog daily.  What a coincidence that my little challenge to myself, to post every day for a month, is also something national!  😉

There’s a badge for it too!

Oh dear, I think my excitement was premature…

I began writing this post, copied the badge, then started reading up more about the challenge on the NaBloPoMo website (should have done all my research first, I know)  and now I find that  EVERY month of the year is a  National Blog Post Month – there’s a whole page of badges for different months!   I thought it was a bit like the national novel writing month – it only happens once a year, not 12 times a year.  Or a national day of something, which surely only happens on one day a year, not every day?   It’s a bit confusing…

For more Six Word Saturday participants have a look at Cate’s blog, Show My Face.


18 thoughts on “six word saturday – NaBloPoMo

  1. It’s as if Christmas starts in September.

    Oh, wait… 🙂

  2. I also thought it was a parallel to NaNoWriMo and was happily joining in without reading the fine print… I didn’t get the badge yet though, do I still want the badge? Hmmm

  3. I can’t do anything (except maybe breathing) every day. I did the April Poem-A-Day thingy a couple years ago, and it nearly killed me.

  4. oh that means you’d have to post every day – every month! …. ooh too much for me! nice badge though!

  5. oh that’s just the sort of thing I do !!!! all these challenges have me in a humunguswhiiiiirllll spin 😉

  6. I think this can be whatever you want it to be – so make November your blog post a day month and do it whenever you want for the other 11 months of the year.

  7. I am not into poems however I do like to blog every day.

  8. I am struggling to blog once a week! I could not do it everyday! Good luck! (:>)

  9. Now that sort of defeats the point..doesn’t it … to have it EVERY month? You would think they would shake it up a bit and change it every month!

  10. So that’s 365 posts a year? (I’m hot stuff at maths!)
    Scarey thought!

  11. How cool is that! it’s the first I’ve heard of it!

  12. Haha its kind of funny that they do it every month. I always try to blog daily but I always mess it up!

  13. I got very excited when I seen the badge as well then I read on & YIKES!! stopping in from SWS glad I did this was fun to learn about & challenge myself um ??? NOT?? Janice Rockin My Journey @ myfamilyjaysactivity.blogsp[ot.com

  14. For sure it seems like overkill!! National Blog Posting Month every month, once a day. For eternity??? Too much for me to handle…. 🙂

  15. I did that one time, way back. It was fun and I did not take an award for doing it. Just did it.
    Best wishes for yours (November ’02, I guess).

    We are enjoying London, we always do. About two or three times a year we come for three or four months. OUr daughter, two granddaughters, and SIL live here. Karen is the breadwinner and SIL is a stay-at-home dad for the three year-old. He is on a spousal visa so couldn’t have a job anyway.

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