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six word saturday – quolls



Meerkats used to be my number one cute small mammal, but they have just been replaced in my affections by northern quolls.  I was watching a David Attenborough wildlife programme last night and he introduced me to these lovely little Australian mammals.

photo credit gibbriverroad.net

How could you resist that?

The poor things are in danger of extinction because they are carnivorous and like to eat, amongst other things,  poisonous cane toads.  Cane toads are not indigenous to the area and so quolls have not evolved to avoid eating them, and are now dying in great numbers.  There’s a conservation programme going on where they are trying to teach quolls, using aversion therapy (yes, really!), not to eat cane toads.  The good news is that it seems to be working and adults which have learned not to eat the toads are passing this knowledge on to their offspring.


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37 thoughts on “six word saturday – quolls

  1. I wonder if there is anything good about cane toads. I know that pretty much everyone curses their introduction to Australia, although I don’t know where they came from

  2. Quolls are very cute indeed. We saw some in Tasmania at the Tasmanian Devil Conversation Park. Justin Beaver loved them! Cane toads on the other hand are extremely ugly and revolting. They were introduced from South America to eat cane beetles but having no predators the population just grew out of control. There are steps being taken to try and reduce the numbers of toads but it’s probably going to be a long haul.

    • You must have been writing at the same time as I was replying to Georgia! I’m glad to read that steps are being taken to try and reduce their numbers – I’m sure it’s not just the cute quolls that are being affected.

      • Lots of native species are affected by them as well as domestic pets. The toads poison pets’ drinking water if it’s left out. Thankfully there aren’t many toads where we live, but we don’t have to travel too far north to start seeing them, nasty little creatures. Have a nice day Elaine. Saturday is nearly over for me.

  3. 🙂 Hi Elaine ~~ Are you sure you weren’t watching

  4. What eats the quolls? We should find out, then hunt them down and kill them, thus increasing the quolls’ chances of survival. Either that, or genetically alter the cane toads so as to make them less poisinous and/or enhance their nutrtional value.

  5. Ron what suitably brilliant ideas – I’ve heard of quolls but not sure I’ve ever seem them up close and personal, or cane toads for that matter. Cane toads don’t venture as far south as South Australia (and hopefully never will)

  6. Those eyes! I can see why you love them!

  7. I’ve never heard of Quolls – but they are really cute! So sorry to hear that they are yet another victim of cane toads…

  8. This is such an interesting post. I am off to do more reading on the topic.

  9. Haven’t heard of Quolls either, but I’m off to research, they look so cute and oh I have my fingers crossed that the adults learn the lesson and teach their little ones not to eat cane toads.

  10. Aren’t they gorgeous, Elaine! Shall we get up a trip out there to help? We could round up a few naughty toads too while we were at it. Great 6WS!

  11. I have never heard of quolls. I learn so much!

  12. I’ve never heard of these creatures before. They are indeed cute! Someone should be able to figure out something about those darn cane toads!

  13. To me they are so adorable- but this is something all new to me- from America!

  14. I haven’t seen cane toads around here, though they are supposed to be south of here, certainly see in the media they are an absolute menace across the north of Australia. Haven’t seen quolls either!

  15. wow! not heard of these before! they are so cute! David Attenborough is such an inspiration isn’t he?

  16. Yes, the quolls are lovely, and unfortunately the cane toads are very hard to get rid of and keep spreading. 😦

  17. I’ve never seen these little guys before, what a cutie. Our planet is really in trouble I fear.

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