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the heavy horse – the war horse


The Heavy Horse
photo credit thesundaytimes.co.uk

I pass this fantastic sculpture of a Clydesdale horse, on the side of the M8 motorway at Baillieston, Glasgow,  every time I drive up to visit my mum.  I noticed on my return journey this time that it was wearing a red poppy in honour of Remembrance Day, which is today.

It was designed by Andy Scott, is 4.5 metres high and constructed of galvanised steel rods.

The Heavy Horse
photo © Andy Scott


15 thoughts on “the heavy horse – the war horse

  1. This is fabulous in its own right and made more fabulous by the poppy.

  2. I’ve also posted on Remembrance day, this image is so strong and can be seen for miles around. Very good choice.

  3. This is just amazing- fitting tribute too.

  4. This is impressive. Never knew about this fabulous sculpture. Thanks.

  5. That is amazing and I like the poppy.

  6. I love outdoor sculptures like this.

  7. Just spotted this in your sidebar! How fabulous is this!!! 🙂

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