I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure



When you read that title, what did you think? I imagine that at least three quarters of you thought mmmmm, yum.  Well, not me.

I can’t bear the stuff – many a celebratory cake has been spoiled by the addition of a layer of it above the cake and below the icing.  Having the marzipan under the icing just spoils it for those of us who love icing! Perfectly innocent and tasty looking cakes or pastries have it hidden inside, lying in wait for the unsuspecting marzipan hater to sink their teeth in and get a mouthful of nastiness.  Bleurgh.

Christmases of my childhood were dominated by this unpleasant almond paste.  A day or so before Christmas my mother would buy a packet of marzipan (or maybe two packs if she was feeling reckless), and the making of marzipan sweets and fruits would begin.   I remember helping to make them, which was clearly some kind of parental torture as punishment for a misdemeanour of some kind rather than a choice on my part!  Why on earth would I want to work with the stuff?  Anyway, I clearly remember how skilfully we made marzipan fruits.  Little oranges were the cleverest – using food dye, the marzipan was coloured orange, rolled into a small ball then dented all over using the finest side of a grater to give the impression of the orange skin, then a clove was stuck in the top.  They looked very good.  We also made apples and bananas.  The finished articles were put to one side to be brought out triumphantly, and savoured, on Christmas Day, or perhaps at New Year.

In addition to the sweets and fruits, sometimes we made marzipan dates.  My mum used to buy a box of dates (the long wooden boxes, with two layers of delicious sticky dates in them – lovely), and then she would ruin them by taking the stone out and replacing it with a bit of marzipan.  Sacrilege.

I was obviously born into the wrong family, as I was the only one who did not go into raptures, whose mouth did not water at the prospect of popping one of those little delights into my mouth.

Anyway, the original point of this post was to respond to a WordPress Daily Challenge and to write a glowing piece about the amazing merits of something which repulses me, so here goes:

In praise of Marzipan

Marzipan is the true food of the gods.  It is sweet and delicious and irrisistible.  Its delectible and luscious flavour excites and tantalises the tastebuds, offering the consumer a taste of heavenly perfection.  Adding marzipan to any cake, pastry or sweet confection will transport it from the ordinary to the sublime.  Imagine a wedding, Christmas or other special occasion without the additon of marzipan on the cake and  ….
Ok, enough, I can’t do it any more.  Horrid stuff.

photo courtesy of pastrychef.com


8 thoughts on “marzipan

  1. As I read your title, I was thinking just like you – Bleurgh! I can’t stand the stuff and hate to imagine what kind of mischief you got up to as a child that resulted in the torture you were subjected to.

  2. I think you did very well to write as much as you did before being so revolted that you couldn’t continue. That part made me laugh! Thanks for providing the evening’s entertainment…

  3. Reblogged this on My Blog impostor in me and commented:
    There are many categories of lies..but to speak about sweet that is in real distasteful, falls under one category..its lie that sticks and makes us remember the ordeal too .

  4. I hate it too! At least I used to! I think I might dislike it a little less these days – but the icing. Oh the icing! Heavenly.

  5. Well I am surprised to find that you all hate the stuff too! So it seems I’m not as unusual as I thought, or is it that marzipan lovers don’t read blogs? 😉

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  7. I Like the stuff! I will add “in moderation” because of the sweetness but I DO enjoy a piece when I have it.
    Actually some bakeries here make some stunning examples and they are fun.
    I can’t stomach fruit cake so here’s a deal: you take my fruit cake off my hands and I’ll eat your marzipan, ok???

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