I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

six word saturday – ikea



Apart from the storage boxes I plan to buy, no doubt I will come home with several things I didn’t know I needed!

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22 thoughts on “six word saturday – ikea

  1. Bon courage! A Saturday visit to Ikea is my idea of purgatory!

  2. Oh heck! Weren’t they on the news for something scandalous, Elaine? Slave labour or something?
    I haven’t been to our nearest store for years, but their products always intrigue me and I browse their catalogue when it comes. I suppose now I should bin it instantly?

  3. ooooooh I LOVE Ikea!!!!! I always spend too much money but think they have such fab things – so cleverly designed and useful stuff!
    Our home does look a bit like an Ikea set!! 🙂

  4. Love the place, always buy more tan I should. It will be hectic at this time of year yikes!

  5. that is the problem with IKEA…. too many cool things for reasonable prices!
    Have fun

  6. We don’t have an IKEA…but if we did, I would probably buy things I didn’t need also! We have way too many shops that tempt me…so I must stay home to not be tempted. Been trying to stop spending so much…but it is hard as Christmas approaches. (:>)

  7. Ikea….on a Saturday?! Craziness. 🙂 So…what’d ya buy?
    I will be making a pilgrimage there too, to get the rest of the stuff for the new kitchen.

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