I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

a paint shade decision at last!


Yesterday my indecision and procrastination came to an end and I finally decided which neutral paint shade to choose AND actually got started on the painting!

Bamboozled and astonished by the choice of ‘neutral’ paint shades on offer by just two manufacturerers (I decided not to look at any other brands for fear that my head might explode!) I narrowed my choices to ‘warm neutral’ and finally settled on one called ‘Buttermilk’.

‘Buttermilk’ is almost exactly the same as ‘Magnolia’ – that practical, warm, neutral shade.   I just couldn’t bring myself to buy something named Magnolia – too many memories of magnolia painted walls, doors and woodwork when what I longed for was bright white woodwork!  Now I can cope with magnolia on walls, but all our woodwork is white!

The Valley of Decision

The Valley of Decision (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


9 thoughts on “a paint shade decision at last!

  1. Which room are you painting? Or are you doing the whole inside of the house?

  2. Buttermilk sounds warmer than Magnolia, so it will feel warmer when it’s up 🙂

  3. Haha – we are getting my son’s shed painted (inside) and cannot believe how many shades of white there are! Buttermilk sounds great.

  4. ha ha! i’m about to help give my elderly aunt’s bathroom a makeover. It’s taken us ages to pick the toilet/shower/sink etc and we are only doing it because the cheapest quote from the plumbing company who offered to do the makeover, was £7000+ Agh! My aunt’s bathroom is 1.5 metres by 2metres, I kid you not. Anyway, me and my husband are doing it now (for no money cause she hasn’t got very much of it but too much to get help from the council). It is more work than we thought but nowhere near 7 grands worth of work. My aunt wants magnolia on the walls -well, the one wall, as the rest of the room will be covered in tiles. Much as I like the sound of buttermilk, I think we’ll go with the magnolia ;o)
    Good luck with the painting!

  5. £7000? Good grief! Were you planning gold plated taps?? Magnolia is probably a safe choice – although the difference between it and Buttermilk is negligable. Your aunt will understand what she’s getting with Magnolia though – Buttermilk might be a bit far out for her!

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