I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

bruno mars


We were at a charity ball on Saturday night.  It was a smart affair – black tie and evening dresses.  The venue was very nice, and not too far away which was good.  As part of the event there was a Tombola, a Silent Auction and a live auction.  The majority of the things in both auctions were well out of our league, so we settled for buying a couple of tickets for the ‘luxury’ Tombola.  Here is what we won:

I was slightly miffed to win a Bruno Mars CD when other prizes available were huge boxes of chocolates, cinema tickets, rounds of golf, spa treatments, signed photos, beautiful candles…  Oh well.  I didn’t imagine I would like the CD very much, and in fact just thought of passing it on to someone, but to my surprise it’s quite easy listening.  I actually recognise two or three of the tracks but, apart from one, I couldn’t have told you they were by him.  The lyrics are not exactly Shakespeare, but the tunes are quite good.  So, not such a bad prize after all.

The live auction had some fabulous things and a boxed set of the seven Harry Potter books, all signed by JK Rowling (who apparently only signs 12 things a year), was on the list.  I was quite interested, until I noticed that it had a reserve price of £5,000!  Good grief, I thought, who would pay that much??  Seems that more than one person would – it went for £7,000 in the end.  I’m still astonished.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter (Photo credit: Profound Whatever)


22 thoughts on “bruno mars

  1. 7k? Wow! I guess to that person its worth it. Maybe a resale would help the winner earn more.

  2. I’ve never heard of Bruno Mars!

  3. Bruno Mars and luxery tombola seems like a contradiciton in terms 😀

  4. Bizarrely, my husband likes Bruno Mars and he’s kind of a music snob. I like Harry Potter, but not that much! And there you go mentioning chocolate again!

  5. There’s no accounting for tastes – I like Bruno Mars songs and I don’t like Harry Potter.

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