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a bit more on bruno mars


After yesterday’s post, it seems I’m not alone in not really knowing much about Bruno Mars.  I had heard of him, but only in passing really, and only because of one particular song, which happens to be on the CD that I won.  The song is called Grenade – it’s probably on You Tube somewhere if you fancy listening to it.

A couple of years ago, at work, they held a ******* School’s Got Talent competition.  One of the boys in the class of 10/11 year olds that I worked with one day a week, entered the competition, singing Grenade.  It was the first time I had ever heard the song.  This boy was quite a bit of trouble in the class, being quite confrontational.  He came from a difficult family background which did not really value education, so his attitude to school was not always ideal, and he had had a lot of time off in previous years meaning that he was struggling a bit with some of the work.  He often caused problems in my lessons, arguing with the other children, arguing with me, being awkward, storming off when things didn’t go his way etc.

In the talent competition he sang the song brilliantly – his voice was tuneful, perfectly pitched, powerful and self assured – and I would have loved to have been able to rewind him and listen to it again, and again.  He was confident on the stage, singing in front of the whole school, the staff and the head teacher from a local senior school who had come to be on the panel of judges.  So now, when I hear Grenade on the radio (and now on my new CD of course!) I think of this naughty boy, singing beautifully, and hope that life will give him opportunities to make the most of his voice.

English: Bruno Mars performing in Houston, Tex...

English: Bruno Mars performing in Houston, Texas on November 24, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3 thoughts on “a bit more on bruno mars

  1. I will have to youtube Bruno. Isn’t it nice to see a child for whom life isn’t always that pleasant being successful at something.

  2. That’s a lovely story.

    I love Bruno Mars.

  3. Nice story. I’m not too keen on that song, but I do like The Lazy Song.

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