I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

ten good christmas films


At last – it’s time to start watching Christmas films!

There are now two (at least) dedicated TV channels which show Christmas films (24 hours a day I think), but there’s never a decent one on when you have time to sit down and watch.  So, my trusty Christmas DVD collection will get dusted off again, and hopefully I’ll manage to fit in watching one or two in the next three weeks.

In no particular order, because that would be too difficult after the first two or three (I’m not called ‘I used to be indecisive’ for nothing!), here are my ten favourite Christmas films (probably).

1.  Holiday Inn

2.  White Christmas


3. Miracle on 34th Street (both versions are good, although I think the remake might just edge it over the original for me)

4.  Muppet Christmas Carol

5. It’s a Wonderful Life

6. The Snowman

7.  Edward Scissorhands

8.  Elf

9.  Home Alone

10.  Love Actually

I also have Polar Express in my collection, and I know lots of people have it on their favourite Christmas films list, but I didn’t like it at all.  I can’t really explain why – the story was nice, it was Christmassy, but it just left me unmoved.

What’s your favourite Christmas film?


24 thoughts on “ten good christmas films

  1. I loathe The Snowman but only because that stupid song irritates the Christmas out of me.

    I didn’t realise Edward Scissorhands was a Christmas film. I’ve only seen it once, years ago.

    The rest are all excellent choices 🙂

  2. I liked your choices,

    My favorite is the 1951 version of Scrooge, because the performances are uniformly excellent, and it’s a faithful adaptation of Dickens’ original. I also love “It’s a Wonderful Life”, as such a creative variation of the story, with Cratchit being the one visited by ghosts.

  3. You’ve got a lot of movie watching hours to clock up there. Have fun 🙂

  4. Love Actually and The Holiday do it for me. I adore Jude Law in The Holiday, his character is just so likeable and cute. I also love the oversized white handbag that Cameron Diaz has in the movie. Now I’m not usually a person who is influenced by things in movies, but I just HAD to have a white bag like Cameron’s. I spent quite some time looking until I found the perfect one. I told the lady in the bag shop why I was buying it and she said, and I quote her word for word “The first time I saw that movie it was on a big screen at a friend’s place and I just wanted to go over and lick the screen every time Jude Law was on.” Ha ha.

  5. Your number ten is my number one :-), but in fact in Czech Republic we have lot of Christmas movies, fairy tales, etc. The most famouse and played are from 1972 (Cinderella) and older, but every year we have at least 2 new :-).

  6. Christmas Vacation staring Chevy Chase and the movie version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. What about TV specials. We love Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Charlie Brown Christmas, Santa Clause is Coming to Town…

  7. Love Edward Scissorhands but forgot it mostly takes place at Christmas. My husband watches It’s a Wonderful Life – and cries a little at the end – every year. Thanks for the list. Haven’t seen the first two. Can’t wait to check them out this season.

  8. I love the old Christmas Carol, with Alistair Sim, but when I think of Christmas films I immediately think “Die Hard 2”.
    In my defence, it does take place at Christmas.

  9. Polar Express leaves me cold too. And I think it’s actually quite scary for the age group it’s aimed at. My son was freaked out by it.

    I love Elf. So funny. Can’t bear It’s a Wonderful Life. Too pious and preachy and boring. But I know I’m in a minority of one.

    I always think a good James Bond goes down well at Christmas. And The Holiday is fun too. It came out when we’d just moved from the UK to the US, so it was very appropriate, and made me both laugh and cry when I saw it.

  10. Love Actually for sure! i also love the live action Grinch with Jim Carrey. Not too many people get behind me on that one though. Great pics!

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