I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

seasonal clothing – who decides what is sold when?


I don’t understand why some clothing items are only sold seasonally.  I agree that sometimes there is a point – in the winter season we might want to buy scarves, gloves, earmuffs, sparkly party dresses, warm fur-lined boots – although sometimes I suppose we also need these in Britain in the so called summer.  In the summer (if we get one) we might need strappy dresses, sun hats and sandals, but why, I ask, are ladies’ black cargo/combat trousers a seasonal item?

men's cargo pants 6511

cargo pants 6511 (Photo credit: May Lee213)

I have scoured the local shops for a pair but there are none to be found.  Apparently they are not a winter necessity.  My argument is – what about the people who need them all year round, for work for example? It is for this very reason that the search is on – my daughter needs them.  Who has decided that no-one will want to go to a shop and buy black cargo/combat trousers in November or December??  They are available on the internet, but that is not my point.  I think they are a fairly basic item of clothing, which should be in the shops all year round.

It’s the same with swimsuits.  Apparently we only need to buy them in the spring and summer.  Do people not go swimming in the autumn and winter?  I don’t mean people who go on holidays to warm climates at this time, but what about recreational swimmers – what if they need a new swimsuit in October?  They’d have a very slim chance.

And another thing – this seems to happen mainly with summer clothes – why is it that, if by some great good fortune we actually get a warm and sunny summer, the shops have sold out of their summer stock in July?


11 thoughts on “seasonal clothing – who decides what is sold when?

  1. I worked in retail – it’s all about space. Shop floor space is limited so they stock what is most likely to sell.

    Hooray for eBay!

  2. And not only that, but what is in the shops is pretty ugly and very poor quality most of the time. It’s not worth buying!

  3. Seasons change that much is true, they want you to change your wardrobe too :))

  4. Exactly! It is so very frustrating, especially when sometimes what I’m looking for doesn’t seem to be a seasonal item in my mind (like the cargo pants). In our area we have not a lot of shopping choices anyway, so I am grateful for the internet – especially Amazon!

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