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six word saturday – christmas preparations



I finally managed to get on with some Christmas shopping last week and have completed well over half of it, so I’m happy.  I’ve made a start to the Christmas baking too, and now have some mince pies, double chocolate cookies and white chocolate, cranberry and pecan cookies in the freezer.  They had to go straight in the freezer, or the temptation to eat them would have been too great and we’d have scoffed the lot.

White chocolate, cranberry and pecan cookiesphoto © iusedtobeindecisive

White chocolate, cranberry and pecan cookies
photo © iusedtobeindecisive

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35 thoughts on “six word saturday – christmas preparations

  1. Yum yum yum!

  2. Mmmmyummy!

    Christmas pies were baked yesterday – meat, meat and potato, apple and apple crumble. Ten in all. Rhubarb to follow 🙂

  3. Oh, how yummy they look!!!

  4. Mmmm, they look very tempting. Remember that Christmas cake I told you I baked last weekend. And remember that my husband said we should wrap it up and put it away till Christmas. Well, on Tuesday he said, “Maybe we should try that cake and make sure it’s okay.” Now there is a sliver left. Oh it is simply delicious. And guess what I’m doing tomorrow…

  5. Baking good, shopping bad. Humbug.

  6. Yummy all looks good from across the pond.

  7. Hope you make a lot of fun progress!!! I love to cookies…

  8. Congrats on your progress!

  9. Great job! Glad you are on your way and feeling better!

  10. We always get there in the end. It’s only just December. The cookies look good.

  11. That’s it – I’m coming over immediately! Get those out the freezer immediately – they look far too delicious to wait for.

  12. cookies look delicious!

  13. We are in the same place. Unfortunately my cookies didn’t make it to the freezer fast enough.

  14. Yummmy cookies…looks like you are organized for the season.

  15. sounds really yummy!! I bet the house smelled delicious when all those things were bein baked! Glad you are making progress with getting ready for Christmas!


  16. hello :)) I am happy to nominate you for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award. Please visit my blog for rules.

  17. Happy 6WS! 🙂

    We had a cookie themed holiday week here as well. Yum.

  18. Sounds delicious, enjoy the cookies and the holidays

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